Yard Work Definitely Counts as Exercise

When we lived in Southern California, we lived in a condominium complex and one of the perks was, it came gardeners. The only yard work  I did was watering the container plants on my patio. Now we live in the country–actually its a forest and there are no gardeners around here. If any yard work needs to be done, its up to me and hubby to do it.

For the past month I have raked up bushels and bushels of acorns, leaves and most recently– pine needles. I’m outside two hours a day sweeping, raking and shoveling whatever Mother Nature has blown down on my front yard.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was annoyed with myself for not exercising daily. I felt lazy. My plan had been to do certain exercises so I could regain at least some of my balance but with all the recent yard work, I was too tired. I still found time for my yoga, knowing if I stopped doing that my legs would get too stiff.

What I didn’t realize until today is that yard work is definitely exercise and its more strenuous than the exercises I had planned to do in my living room!

So I decided to give myself a break.

Living in a house on an acre of land, surrounded by oak and pine trees is wonderful! and a lot of work, especially in the fall. I also live with two small dogs who enjoy sniffing around the area and going for long walks.

The amount of time I spend outdoors, I am taking care of my body. I’m outside breathing fresh air and getting plenty of exercise and that’s why we moved here in the first place.

Be well!


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