Yard Work Definitely Counts as Exercise

When we lived in Southern California, we lived in a condominium complex and one of the perks was, it came gardeners. The only yard work  I did was watering the container plants on my patio. Now we live in the country–actually its a forest and there are no gardeners around here. If any yard work needs to be done, its up to me and hubby to do it.

For the past month I have raked up bushels and bushels of acorns, leaves and most recently– pine needles. I’m outside two hours a day sweeping, raking and shoveling whatever Mother Nature has blown down on my front yard.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was annoyed with myself for not exercising daily. I felt lazy. My plan had been to do certain exercises so I could regain at least some of my balance but with all the recent yard work, I was too tired. I still found time for my yoga, knowing if I stopped doing that my legs would get too stiff.

What I didn’t realize until today is that yard work is definitely exercise and its more strenuous than the exercises I had planned to do in my living room!

So I decided to give myself a break.

Living in a house on an acre of land, surrounded by oak and pine trees is wonderful! and a lot of work, especially in the fall. I also live with two small dogs who enjoy sniffing around the area and going for long walks.

The amount of time I spend outdoors, I am taking care of my body. I’m outside breathing fresh air and getting plenty of exercise and that’s why we moved here in the first place.

Be well!


Mike Vacanti: “Fitness Stuff Made for Us Normal People”

One of my friends posted a video by this guy, Mike Vacanti, whose into fitness. He’s twenty-something which isn’t all that unusual for a guy his age to enjoy spending time in the gym, lifting weights and then making a video about it. What is different is that this video is directed towards baby boomers. He stresses the importance of exercise, no matter what age you are. I was so impressed with Mike, I subscribed to his Twitter feed and You Tube channel.

This may come as a shock, but I need motivation just like you do. I enjoy exercising but I can get distracted by other obligations during the day and before I know it, all I want to do is put on my jammies and either 1. watch TV or 2. read a book. Before I know it, a week has gone by and I haven’t done anything to honor my body (yoga, dance, walk) and that’s not good.

So to honor the new year, I plan to watch more videos like Mike’s and keep myself motivated. How about you? Are you with me?

This first video talks about being patient with yourself; something we humans have problems with. We want results in minutes but our bodies don’t work that way.


The second video is the one I found on my friend’s Face Book page. Since I turned sixty a few months ago, I felt he was talking to me. I want to be independent for as long as I can and I refuse to end up in an assisted living place. I will do whatever it takes to keep myself healthy and mobile.

See what you think. Does he resonate with you?

Be well and get off your ass!






Your Body is Amazing: Treat it With Love!

photo credit: boulderyogaproject.org

photo credit: boulderyogaproject.org

Have you ever thought about how amazing our bodies really are? We abuse ourselves with drugs, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and a myriad of assorted junk foods, and we still manage to get up in the morning and make it through the day. For example: If you are fifty-years old today, your heart has beaten one-billion, five-hundred, fifty-million times… and counting! You have taken twenty-one million, eight-hundred forty-thousand breaths since you were born… and counting! Our bodies never take a vacation. It functions 24/7.

Even with all torture and neglect we put it through, it keeps on ticking and does the best it can to keep us alive. Wouldn’t it be nice to treat our bodies with respect and feed it healthy foods, get plenty of rest, limit stress (most stress is brought on by our own thoughts) and limit (or eliminate) alcohol? If we need medications, do not abuse them and whenever possible seek alternatives; like a change in diet, exercise, meditation or herbs/supplements, acupuncture or massage. New studies find that most of us can eliminate or cut down on the amount of medications we take, if we are willing to change our lifestyle.

Our bodies are amazing. We only get one per visit in a lifetime. Why not give it the reverence it deserves?

Be well.