Time for a “Time Out”


Last Wednesday it took me a long time to get my ‘head straight’ enough to visit patients at the infusion center. I tried everything…meditation, morning sun salutations, reasoning with my inner-self and listening to upbeat music in my car while driving to the hospital. When I got off the elevator and opened the door to infusion… I achieved my goal. It was “show time!”

Later that evening I contemplated about my stressed out morning and came to the conclusion that I simply need a ‘time out’ from the world. So from now on I will try my best to devote my weekends or at least one full day to myself. I say “try” because I have to also be flexible… sometimes ‘life happens’ and I must go-with-the-flow… but I must also be aware of my own needs. Feeling stressed and grumpy is my body telling me it needs a break.

I will make sure to keep the television turned off…no news…no peeking at online news …no activism. I will read only books or online essays that inspire and feed my inner being; I will meditate; listen to music; practice yoga; create art, and rest.

Today I spend the day with me, my critters and the birds outside my patio…



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5 thoughts on “Time for a “Time Out”

  1. I have not had much time for myself lately and yet have been fully occupied on activities for my well being. I think you have focused on the activity I want for myself–peace. Time to reflect. Time to be still. Time to listen to a voice from within other than my own personality or ego. It’s a good idea to make that part of my schedule. I fear I won’t try it out though until I get past at least two more hurdles.

    • I am happy my post resonated with you. I believe many of us run around too much and feel stressed as a result, but we don’t connect the dots because we are running around too much. 🙂 I like that photo as well, but I don’t know who is original artist so I can credit them.

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