You are Not a Statistic


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When I first got the news I had cancer, I did not ask questions like: How much time do I have? How many people survive this?

The first words out of my mouth were, “How are we gonna kill this bitch?”

I never wanted to know about statistics because I am not a number. I am a unique individual with a unique past and so are you! Whoever tallies up those survivor numbers lumps everyone in a one group and doesn’t figure out each persons history, health wise or emotional. Both are important. Besides, focusing on that stuff takes away precious time from getting well and that’s all I focused on. Getting well.

If my doctors wanted to do that– fine. My job was to eat healthy, rebuild my immune system and get my mind right. That meant drinking fresh juice, green smoothies, meditating, and visualizing myself healthy. I read books by Kris Carr, Louise Hay and watched positive videos. No one was allowed to discuss negative stuff around me. I learned to put myself first and to love myself 100%, something that had been a foreign idea for most of my life. I deleted anyone from my life who was not a positive influence and I didn’t feel bad doing it.

I made plans for the future.

Doing those things and continuing to do so is why I am here today… over five years cancer free and counting.

You get to decide what is best for you, whether you have a life threatening illness or not. Its your life! You are not a statistic. You are a fantastic unique individual!

Be well!


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