Stand Up Straight!

My posture isn’t what it used to be. Okay, it was never great but I saw my reflection in a storefront window the other day and I look hunched over, not the Hunchback of Notre Dame hunched over, but it didn’t look good. I’m guessing it’s from using the walker for the last five years. I only use it when I’m alone outside but maybe that was¬†enough for my back to get lazy. I’m six feet tall and even with the walker extensions it’s a bit short for me. My back has been feeling sore as well, so I bet my bad posture is to blame.

Instead of running to the doctor to see what he thinks, I went on You Tube and looked for back exercises, specifically yoga stretches. I found two that I will share with you. They are both gentle and that’s a win for me.¬† I’m not into any intense exercise and that includes yoga.

Along with the yoga, I’m more conscious of my posture when walking or standing. If my shoulders feel too far back, then I’m standing correctly. I know because I watched myself in the mirror. It feels weird probably because my back got used to hunching over. Eventually it will feel better.

This one is meant for people with scoliosis but it’s really good for anyone who wants to gently stretch their spine.

This video is similar but a shorter session:

Be well and sit up straight!