The Truth About Cancer Documentary: Update


The TTAC series is finished but you can purchase individual videos or all nine here. I watched them all and planned to post daily recaps, but it didn’t happen. My body told me to take care of myself and rest. I had the energy to watch the videos but I wasn’t inspired to write about anything this week, so instead of forcing myself, I chose to listen to my “inner” guidance and honor its wishes (needs).

Moving to the country took a lot out of me. There were problems that I won’t get into and I think I’m still recovering from the stress and unnecessary drama. Before cancer, I would have pushed through and done what I felt obligated to do, but nowadays I know, my only obligation is to take care of myself.

After watching the video series, I want to learn more about essential oils and herbs. I know about eating healthy foods and the importance of emotional/spiritual health, but not much about essential oils or herbs. The menu in the header of this blog will include cancer survivor stories, links to alternative and integrative cancer therapies, and essential oils and herbs. I feel inspired to write more about these topics (maybe it has to do with me living in the country and wanting to be more self sufficient, and wanting to live more earth friendly).

So… today I am posting the recap links from the episodes of TTAC that I found on the website Cancer Tutor. They did an excellent job and I think you will find their information helpful.

Be well and be inspired!



The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest Part 2 and 3 Notes

Episode Two focused on breast cancer; the history of the “Pink Ribbon”, mammograms and an alternative way to get your boobies checked and the myth about hormones and the cancer connection.  If you want to know more, just click on the links:  (Astrazeneca sponsors the breast cancer fundraising walks…and that’ all I gotta say about that.)


Episode Three focused on the importance of nutrition; something I am passionate about!  I am 99% positive that the processed foods I ate for several years, caused my rectal cancer. At the time, I considered myself a vegetarian but the main ingredient missing from my diet was fresh fruits and vegetables! What was I thinking?  The fact is, I wasn’t. I just threw junk food in my grocery cart and went home and ate it because it was convenient (like so many Americans do everyday). I also believed, if it was for sale in the grocery store, it was safe to eat.

I should have known something was up though because I had digestive problems a few days after my diet change to vegetarianism, but I didn’t connect the dots… and the doctors I went to see about my health problems didn’t either. In case you’re wondering why I gave up meat, my dad died at age 54 from heart disease. He was a meat and potatoes kinda guy (in his case, the meat was a Big Mac and the potatoes were french fries). I was approaching 50 and didn’t want to end up like him, although I didn’t eat fast food. I did eat plenty of chicken injected with hormones and God-knows-what else!

Ever since I changed my diet to  plant-based, drank fresh juices and green smoothies (that I make at home), my digestion issues are gone! And let’s not forget the cancer is gone too! If I remained a passive patient (like I was before the correct diagnosis) I would not be here today!  All my doctors told me to eat whatever I wanted but I knew they were wrong.


Ty Bolinger interviewed people who healed themselves eating real foods and taking herbs. If you want to know more, click the links.

Cherie Calbom aka: The Juice Lady discussed the importance of juicing (and you don’t need to buy an expensive juicer to get the same healthy results). The video link is not her interview with Bolinger, but her message is the same:

A study done in Sweden shows what happens to your body when you eat organic for only two weeks:

We can’t talk about food without mentioning the elephant in the room, RoundUp and it’s main ingredient, glyphosate. The World Health Organization called glyphosate a carcinogen and if you eat conventional produce, you probably have traces of this insecticide in your skins tissues. Every time I see a jug of it  for sale at the hardware store, I cringe!

Which brings me to my biggest peeve…GMOs and how our government officials refuse to require GMOs to be labeled on all foods we eat. Do you know over 50 countries either require labeling or ban this stuff altogether? This is what happens when we give away our power to people who have no moral compass and choose to accept campaign contributions from corporations who also have no moral compass!

The documentary also touched on the subject of botanical medicine. The following link is not from the video, but does give a good explanation of what it is:

It’s not too late to sign up for the series:

Be well and stay informed!





The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest: Part One Notes

In case you missed last night’s first episode of  The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest, I took some notes and will give you the bullet points here. The first episode explained the history of “modern medicine” and how we ended up where we are today. It’s a real eye opener!

  • Robert Scott Bell does an excellent job of explaining how medical schools got started and who financed them, thereby making the “rules” we still have today.
  • History of chemotherapy: The first drug used for cancer chemotherapy did not start out as a medicine. Mustard gas was used as a chemical warfare agent during World War I and was studied further during World War II. During a military operation in World War II, a group of people were accidentally exposed to mustard gas and were later found to have very low white blood cell counts.
  • The biggest drug companies, BAYER, BASF, IG FARBEN played a huge part in the concentration camp, Auschwitz :
  • In 1953 a congressional report came out stating big pharma was destroying any natural medicine provider who did not go along with the drug industry and sell their drugs to patients.
  • The war on cancer is war on cancer is really a turf against doctors who use natural medicine. Dr Jonathon Wright M.D.  Dr. Jonathan Wright | Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
  • In California, a doctor can lose is or her license to practice medicine if he or she offers “integrated” treatments. In all states all doctors are only allowed o offer chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to their cancer patients.
  • Doctors can receive reimbursements kickbacks from drug companies. The average cost for chemo treatment is $10,000 to $30,000 a month; doctors can receive 6% back of cost chemo. The doctor who was just sentenced to prison for giving chemo to his patients who did not even have cancer, made money by getting kickbacks.
  • Medical practitioners are lap-dogs for drug companies. The #1 goal of healthcare is to make money and maintain a monopoly. Disease is marketplace for the pharmaceutical industry. There is no profit in having a healthy society.
  • Chemotherapy creates more need for other drugs due to side effects: nausea, neuropathy, low blood counts. Chemo destroys bone marrow and immune system. Most patients die from the toxic drugs, not cancer. (I witnessed this when I volunteered at the infusion center). Immunotherapy is better because it targets the tumor and doesn’t kill healthy tissue and cells. Using chemo to kill a tumor is like dropping Napalm on vegetation to kill an ant problem.
  • If a doctor gives gold standard treatment (chemo and or radiation) and the patient dies, its OK, but if a doctor uses alternative treatment and the patient lives, it’s not OK!  Dr. Ralph Moss on “The Cancer Industry” – The Business of Blood Money
  • A former pharmaceutical rep quits after finding out about big pharma’s dirty little secret.
  • The FDA is protecting drug companies they are supposed to protect us from them!  What is drug approval process?  Produce synthetic drug, get a patent and when too many people die (and there is enough profit for drug company) pull drugs off market. (Hey, the lawyers now get to sue the drug company, unless they made a vaccine, which makes them immune to lawsuits and everybody makes money!) Drug companies hire authors to write “ghost articles“, fake articles and put names of doctors in article who didn’t participate in the drug study. Ghost articles are not from independent sources. They are fake! Money has corrupted drug approval process!
  • Parents are forced to give their kids chemo and or radiation and if they do not comply, the state will take away their kids and the kids will be forced to have treatment. Is this America or Nazi Germany?!  Here are a few cases where that happened:

So, what can you do if you get a cancer diagnosis? Get a second opinion! Ask lots of questions but don’t expect your doctor to know anything about integrated or holistic treatments. I had to do all my own research. I was fortunate that I could, but what about those patients who are too sick from the side effects of conventional treatments? They don’t have the ability to look up any information; they are trying to survive!

There is a place in Mexico that one can go. I’ve heard many good things about this place: Alternative Therapies for Cancer by Bio-Medical Center Offer Healthful and Holistic Healing  Of course the American Medical Association (AMA) wanted to buy out the founder, Harry Hoxsey and shelve it before they moved his clinic out of the country.

Part two of the documentary is on tonight and I think part one is still available today until 8pm eastern standard time. If you haven’t signed up for the series yet, its not too late.

Remember, knowledge is power! You don’t have to agree with everything you hear in the videos, but at least give it some thought. Your life might depend on it!

I went with conventional treatment AND integrated. I’m sure if I only went conventional, I wouldn’t be here today.

Be well and stay informed,