The Trials and Tribulations of Eczema



I have written about my struggles with eczema a few times. At the time I wondered if my eczema was really a fungus. I came to the conclusion that it’s not. I saw my doctor last summer when my skin started to flare up. It started on both my legs, which my doctor told me was psoriasis, then my face looked red and scaly (eczema). She told me that researchers don’t really know what cause both skin disorders but they suspect it gets worse when the person is stressed. Stress is the diagnosis I got when I had intestinal problems and it turned out that my stress was really cancer. So, when someone tells me that my medical problem is caused by stress, I ignore them and do my own research.

My legs seem to have cleared up on their own, except for dark discoloration spots that I hope will fade before the end of this decade. I never put any cream on them. My doctor did prescribe Hydrocortisone cream 2.5% last summer, which I applied but stopped using because it dried out my skin. I stopped using it and looked for alternative treatments. I went on the Internet to look for answers. There were many recommended treatments, all of them claimed to work. I used organic coconut oil, olive oil, Vicks Vapor Rub (yes, you read that correctly), and finally hemp balm. None of them worked for me. In fact they seemed to make it worse. So, I am back to using the Hydrocortisone cream. My skin looked better almost immediately. I have been using it for two weeks now. My skin isn’t completely clear but it looks much better. My skin is very dry though so I plan to give it one more week to heal then apply organic coconut oil at night.

I started drinking spring water with a teaspoon of  Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I drink one glass a day. I also ordered an MSM supplement by MRM. I figured whatever is wrong with my skin, it’s a symptom of something else going on inside my system.

It’s funny how weird we get when our skin looks bad. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am the only one who is self conscious about that sort of stuff. I have done some interviews about my diet and I applied makeup over the affected areas to hide my skin trouble from the camera. I really don’t like putting makeup on my skin but I don’t want anyone focusing on my skin problems either.

I am grateful that my skin does not itch. Everything I read about psoriasis and eczema claims that one of the symptoms are itching (always look for that “silver lining!”).

Hopefully my new skin regimen will work this time. I will keep you posted. If you have tried other treatments that worked for your skin, please leave me a comment below. I am always open to suggestions.

Be Well!



The Fungus is Not a Fungus

LAXMI_TURMERIC_POWDER_400_GM-D__43441_1325637633_1280_1280I am updating a post that I wrote a few weeks ago regarding strange rashes on my body.

My skin looks the same as it did back then and the doctor has decided I have psoriasis on my legs and eczema on my face. The cause? Stress. Stress? Isn’t that what doctors tell us when they are plain stumped? I looked on the web again and Dr. Fuhrman’s site says psoriasis is an autoimmune problem. He suggests eating a healthy diet. I thought I was!

Back to the “drawing board”… I know my body can heal itself and I plan to find out what I can do…herb, food or supplement wise to help it. There are still many other avenues I haven’t checked, like herbs. I tried rubbing coconut oil on my skin and that didn’t work for me.

So I am now experimenting with rubbing pure aloe vera on my skin and adding 1/2 teaspoon turmeric to my daily smoothie. I will keep you posted as to my progress.



Many Health Issues Start in the Gut

funny-pictures-polite-cat-sneezes-into-a-tissueI am on day four of a head cold. When it first began, I thought it was allergies or from the wood chipper stationed 30 yards from my window. The arborists have been pruning trees around our complex for the past two weeks. I didn’t realize it was an everyday head cold until Sunday, so I had to call in ‘sick’ to the hospital for Monday. The last thing a cancer patient needs is exposure to a sick person.

So while I was nursing myself back to health, I decided to do some more snooping around the net for answers to my skin problems…the psoriasis and eczema. I mean how many people get both skin problems within a month?

In the beginning I found several chat boards dealing with the subject and many different ideas how to manage the symptoms, but no clear answers how it starts…the root of the problem and how to get rid of it. Many people are getting steroids from their doctors but for me, that is not an option. I am just now getting my body healthy again and I can’t see myself taking such a toxic drug.

After hours of reading personal stories…some from people saying they found the cure and for x amount of dollars they are willing to share their secret with the public,  or some invented expensive creams to soothe the dry skin and slow down break outs…but nothing addressed the root cause. I knew in my heart that it had to come from internal problems…but what?

I found out when I spoke with a person by the name of Steven who works in the vitamin department of a local Sprouts Store. I originally called the store to find out if they carried Oil of Oregano essential oil…it was mentioned several times on different eczema chat boards. Steven listened for a few minutes and told me that eczema and psoriasis are symptoms of IB troubles and not enough healthy bacteria floating around my intestines. Bingo! I knew we were on the right track. Now what is my plan of attack? Maybe I shouldn’t say attack…maybe how will I heal myself and how did I get out of whack…again?

I am eating healthy. I’m vegan. Steven is vegan too and he asked me where I’m getting my vitamin Bs from. Um…I don’t know. I actually was asked this question about a year ago from my oncologist’s nurse. She told me vegans need to take B supplements. I took them a couple of months and then never bought more.

Garden-of-Life-Primal-Defense-Ultra-Probiotic-Formula-658010112352So I decided on taking a liquid probiotic…Garden of Life found in the refrigerated section…the ones on the store shelf are not adequate…the live cultures need to be  stored in refrigerators. I will also eat 1/4 cup of raw sauerkraut daily for a few weeks…Bubbies is the only brand I know of that is ‘alive’… the rest in cans are like everything else you find in the packaged/canned section…no nutritional value.

I read up on everything Steven and I discussed and there are many successful stories about healing the gut and the skin will follow. It won’t happen overnight though so I will keep you posted…