Twenty-Percent of Patients Are Misdiagnosed!

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I just watched an episode of “A Healthy You,” hosted by Carol Alt, a cancer survivor and model. One of her topics was about being misdiagnosed. According to her research, 20% of patients are misdiagnosed! From what I hear from patients I visit in the infusion center, that number sounds about right. I was misdiagnosed by 2 different doctors for a year before I was correctly diagnosed with cancer. The first one said I had a bacterial infection and the second said it was hemorrhoids.

I accepted their different diagnosis even though my intuition didn’t agree. I almost died because I didn’t question them and seek out another opinion. Let my story be a lesson to you. It’s so important for you to take charge of your own health! You know your body better than anyone else, even someone with a medical degree.


Suzanne Somers writes about her story of being misdiagnosed in her book, “Knockout” only, she was told she had cancer, which turned out to be wrong! If she hadn’t listened to her intuition, she could have died from treatment, she didn’t even need!

Don’t be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself. Yes, you might get some flack from your doctor, if he/she is the kind who thinks he/she knows everything and isn’t willing to listen to you… but think about it, do you want someone caring for you that has an ego that big??? Fire that doctor and look for someone else. Your life depends on it.

Be well!


Not All Physicians are the Same


Not all physicians are the same when it comes to patient care. I am finding that to be true more and more, as I hear stories from cancer patients. It isn’t just the fact that a particular physician makes a misdiagnosis but some seem to have serious lack of a ‘bedside manner’ — to being outright nasty.

I was so fortunate to have a team of doctors who seemed to truly care about me — the patient and always kept a positive attitude, even when there were ‘bumps in the road’.

I am currently helping a cancer patient who has quite a few complications, that I admit  make it a challenge to treat her, but this person has gone through so many health issues throughout her life and always came out of it, that she will not let cancer cause her to give up now. Her doctor has different ideas, which brings me to my topic. He is the most negative healthcare practitioner I ever heard of. He has never said one word of encouragement and even when she responds to treatment (so far) he gives her a bleak outcome.

I truly don’t know how she restrains herself from kicking this guy straight in his balls. If I were her, I would demand a new doctor and I would write a letter to the hospitals chief of staff about his behavior — at the very least this guy needs a refresher course on ‘bedside manners’.

I remember a speech that was given by the Oncology Departments Chief of Staff… his first words were — “the physician sets the tone for the patient. If he/she is negative the outcome will be the same. Patients need to be given hope, no matter how sick they are.”

Does this particular doctor even ‘get’ that? Part of a patient’s wellness program includes their mental attitude. So many patients are already afraid when they hear the word ‘cancer’ — it is up to the healthcare team to make sure the patient feels cared for and to have a positive attitude. This particular doctor is so obvious, to at least me, that he doesn’t care.

I’m guessing that at least most of you have watched at least one episode of the television show “House” — that doctor is such an ass that I couldn’t watch more than a few episodes. His character is a perfect example of how not to act, but he seems to limit his nasty behavior to his staff and not his patients.

If you are experiencing similar treatment from your doctor or someone on the hospital staff, you have a right to get a new healthcare practitioner and you have a right to lodge a formal complaint. When you are sick, you not only need to have the best team available who knows how to treat your particular illness, but they also have to want to help get you back to wellness.

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