I’m One Step Closer to Achieving My Goal


Happy New Year to everyone! This past week has been very busy for me and I achieved a goal I have been wanting for a little over a year. The manuscript for my book is done! It took me nearly a year to write and today I printed a hard copy and made extras. Tuesday I will bring a copy to my teacher to edit (at least I’m hoping she will). The manuscript is sixty-seven pages and over 10,000 words. The book is about my journey back to wellness; a condensed version of this blog. My goal is to get it published this year (maybe even be interviewed by Oprah). Hey, anything is possible!

This past year I’ve been a student at a writing class at the senior center. Each week we bring in something to read in front of the class and leave it with our teacher who corrects grammatical errors. My teacher has been on vacation for the past two weeks and I decided when she left, I would have the manuscript done by the time she returned. I am proud that I did it, but it wasn’t easy. The manuscript really could have been done months earlier if it weren’t for something called “procrastination.” I seemed to always find something else to do instead of sitting down and writing it. In my defense, I did write blog posts and researched information about health. A week ago I decided to focus on writing, everything else had to wait. I devoted six hours everyday to writing and now it’s finished. So what made me decide to get it done now you ask?

I did a lot of self-reflection just before New Year’s Eve, the main one being, I turn sixty next September. The BIG 60! Time has a way of marching on whether I procrastinate, write a book or stare at a wall. I am fortunate to be here and one of the things I remember saying when I was first told I was healthy, was I wouldn’t waste a minute of my time. For the most part, everyday I did exactly what I wanted and my stress level is so much better because of it. The past three years have not been wasted, but I could have been more productive. There are still many things I want to achieve, one of which is getting my book published; finishing the manuscript gets me one step closer.

I hope your 2015 is off to a good start and you are working towards achieving your dreams. If you aren’t, what are you waiting for?

Be Well,