The Buck Stops Here (My Bucks – That Is!)


The gardeners are spraying the plant beds in my condominium complex with Roundup weed killer today. They know the area around my home is off-limits. Several months ago I stopped the gardener just before he was about to spray  weeds close to my front door. I explained to him, I’m a cancer survivor and I don’t use poison inside or outside my home. I’m not sure if he understood everything I was saying but he knows to stay away from my place with that dreaded cancer causing insecticide.  I pull the weeds by hand so he won’t get in trouble for not doing his job. I also found a non-toxic way to kill weeds if you have to many to pull out by hand.


Monsanto makes Roundup and is the same company who brought us Agent Orange, PVC, and DDT, all of which were banned because they were killing people.  Here is a list of Monsanto’s dirty dozen.

One would think any company with such a bad track record would have been out of business a long time ago— but that’s not true. They have reinvented themselves as saviors of the world’s food supply. By changing the DNA of a plant seed they claim they can feed the world and solve world hunger. At least that’s the bullshit their marketing department tells the us.

In case you don’t know what is happening to our food supply (with our government’s blessing), I put together some information that I hope you not only read, but share with others. Since our government leaders refuse to look out for our health, its up to us to look out for each other. This video explains, via humor why a poison expert is in charge of feeding us. (Michael Taylor, ex-bigwig at Monsanto was appointed by President Obama, to head the FDA. The very agency who decides what foods are safe to eat). Can you say conflict of interest?

Monsanto and other chemical companies have been messing around with our food since George Bush senior was vice president under Ronald Reagan. With the help of that Republican administration, Monsanto was allowed to write laws that favored them and the biotech industry. Public health? Ain’t nobody got time for that when billions of dollars can be made!

Monsanto refuses to allow third-party testing of its genetically modified foods (gmos) because their seeds are patented, so our government depends on Monsanto to do their own testing, which of course always turns out in their favor. A recent article in Food Democracy Now cites; eating gmos over a period of time (like I did for 8 years without knowing it because the food wasn’t labeled properly) causes cancer.

Don’t look to your legislature to tell you about it because Monsanto and other biotech companies pay these people BIG money in the form of campaign contributions bribes.

I don’t know if you noticed, but lately (for the last few years anyway) corporations are attempting to control and take over every aspect of our lives. Whether its our food, healthcare, water, air, or whatever; they want us to fall in line and just buy their junk and that includes their poor excuse for food.  And they definitely do not want us questioning what is hiding in their foods. According to them, we do not have the right to know what we are eating. Laws? They don’t want any stinking laws that could hurt their bottom line!

None of these corporations care about your or my health. They want money, more and more money and if you interfere with that — you become the enemy.

Since our government leaders sold their souls to keep their power and influence, it is up to us to put a stop to this madness. How? You ask. By telling your local merchants (grocers, restaurants, etc.) that you refuse to buy gmo foods and to stock more organic — OR you will spend your money on those places who do.

Chipotle is a good example of what public pressure can do. More and more of us are getting health conscious. Monsanto, along with the Grocery Manufacturers Association spent millions and millions of dollars defeating state propositions that would have required food companies to label foods containing gmos. The states who voted in the last couple elections to get foods labeled, were bombarded with ads claiming food prices would skyrocket if they had to comply with this new law. The truth is, labels are changed ALL the time (when it suits their needs). The real reason food companies don’t want gmos labeled is because they KNOW we won’t buy them.


I am sure you will find many of the food companies you buy from are on this list. Do you want to continue supporting them when they clearly don’t care about you and your family? There are companies who are non-gmo verified already and don’t need to be forced by law to change their business practices. You can find them on this website. These are the companies who deserve your support.

As soon as I found out what genetically modified foods were, I stopped buying and eating them. It’s been over 4 years. I shop for fresh foods and stay away from canned or packaged foods. I buy organic when its on sale and stock up. Summer time is when my fridge is packed full with delicious organic apples, mangos, berries, bananas, pineapple, tomatoes, and cherries. I will however, buy conventional oranges, bananas and cucumbers because I can peel the skin. Yes, my food budget is higher than it was, but hubby and I are healthier because of my new diet. I am worth the extra expense — and so are you!

I refuse to give money to companies who refuse to do the right thing and be transparent about what is in their food. They do not deserve my money.

As for those politicians who said— under oath, they would defend and protect it’s citizens (you and me), I am completely disgusted with their behavior. We need to clean house and get rid of them and I mean all of them!

Our news media is nothing more than the corporations’ propaganda machine. News is nothing more than recycled and regurgitated gossip. I don’t care who is getting a sex change or who is getting divorced! All that information is none of my business. I DO care what is happening to our food and environment and that should be the lead story!

The number one thing I learned from volunteering at a cancer center was– too many young people are getting cancer! And it is the corporations who I hold accountable. They have managed to piss all over our environment so they can accumulate more and more of a piece of paper, called money. If we want things to change it is up to each of us to make it happen. There are more of us than them and we show our power every time we spend money.

Be well, stay informed and stop giving money to companies who do not deserve it!


BREAKING NEWS! I just read this in Yahoo News after this post went live:

Congress may block states from enacting law requiring the labeling of gmos!


March on Monsanto Long Beach, CA 2015

Today I attended the March Against Monsanto event, hosted by Occupy Long Beach in Long Beach, California. This is the third year I was invited to speak about genetically modified foods and how it affects our health. Since most of us who showed up, already know about the effects of GMOs on our health, I focused on our representatives and their intimate relationship with the biotech industry.

We had a good turnout and I took lots of pictures. Instead of going in to what I said, I copied my speech and you can take a look for yourself.

march on monsanto 2015 017

march on monsanto 2015 016

march on monsanto 2015 011

march on monsanto 2015 001

march on monsanto 2015 031

march on monsanto 2015 019

march on monsanto 2015 005

march on monsanto 2015 030

That’s me on the right with my vegan friend and animal rights activist.

march on monsanto 2015 025

march on monsanto 2015 041

march on monsanto 2015 044
This was a family event that included the best bee costume. Our winner was probably around four years old and wasn’t aware she was in a contest. The crowd applauded loudly when she won and I wasn’t sure if she was about to cry from all the noise and attention. Luckily, her mom was there to explain what had just happened.


My speech:

“Thank you all for coming today to spend part of your Memorial Day Weekend to get the word out about Monsanto and genetically modified foods. There a couple of things I want to share with you today. Some of its good news and some of its bad news. I will start with the bad news so I can leave you on a positive note.

Here’s the bad news: 50% of retired senators become lobbyists for corporations wanting to influence public policy.

An article written in 2013 by the Huffington Posts states:
Monsanto, Comcast and oil refiner Valero all signed on as clients of the Lincoln Policy Group., owned by former Senator Blanche Lincoln, a Democrat from Arkansas. She left the Senate in 2011 after losing her reelection bid, and started her own lobbying group.

Here is a list of other Congressman on Monsanto’s payroll:

US Congressman Tony Moffett- consultant
US Congressman Dennis DeConcicni – legal counsel
Dep. Dir. Of FDA Health and Food Safety, Margaret Miller- Chemical lab supervisor
White House Consumer advisor, Carol Tucker-Forman- lobbyist
Director of USDA National Institute food and agriculture, Roger Beechy- Director of Monsanto
2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton worked for Rose Law Firm who represented Monsanto.

A Food and Water Watch document from 2010 revealed that the Food and Agriculture Biotechnology spends more than a half a billion dollars to influence Congress every year. They are actively fighting to eliminate or prevent labeling on genetically modified foods in the United States and preventing other countries from regulating
GMOs. These efforts have dovetailed with lobbying to tighten intellectual property law protections over patented seeds and animals, in attempts to further benefit the biotech industry.

Click to access BiotechLobbying-web.pdf

And here’s the really bad news:

The Senate voted 62-37 to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also known as Fast Track, for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and any other free trade deal that arises over the next six years. They passed a highly unpopular piece of legislation at the 11th hour on the Friday night before Memorial Day weekend when they thought no one was paying attention. It will now go to Congress for a vote. Call your Congressman and tell them to vote no on the TPP.

In case you don’t know what the TPP means: It’s a global trade agreement that allows corporations to have power over a country’s right to make laws. Example: Any country or state which makes a law that they believe impedes their right to make money; like labeling foods, they can sue them. An International tribunal will decide the outcome. BTW, members of this tribunal will not be public knowledge.

The Good News:

Food manufacturers care about their bottom line more than pleasing Monsanto and biotech. If their food products don’t sell, they don’t make money and that’s where YOU have the power.
You decide which products you buy. Tell the manager where you buy groceries that you want more NON GMO foods to choose from. Tell him or her You want more organic foods. They will listen to you. They want to get your food dollars and they know if they don’t sell what you want, you will shop somewhere else.

Shop at farmers markets and ask for pesticide free and organic produce.

If you don’t know which foods are GMO free, there is a website called the NON GMO Project. All products on their site are verified by them as GMO free. The list of food manufactures adding their names to the GMO free list is growing because they want your food dollars. The GMO Free project also has an app for your Smartphone so you can use it while you shop.

Go to your school board and demand they offer GMO free and organic lunches. If they refuse, pack your kids lunches or better yet, have them pack their own. That way you know what they are eating and they learn how to eat healthy at a young age.

Contact your state representatives and tell them you want our foods labeled. Tell them you will vote them out of office if they continue to favor corporations over our health.

Start NON GMO foods clubs in your neighborhood. Start your own organic gardens in your backyards. You can even have a neighborhood co-op where you each grow different foods and share them with each other.

You can Share information via social media.

If you are so inclined, run for local offices, making food safety and a healthy environment your priority.

Remember this; YOU have the power to stop biotech from ruining our food supply and you can do it every time you shop for food!”