What Would You Do?

What if your child got cancer and the treatment plan your doctor prescribed was doing more harm than good?  What if you found an alternative treatment that helped your child’s body heal and was proven to be effective? What would you do if the same doctor decided to take you to court and have your rights as a parent taken away and put in to the hands of someone who never met your child? What if you were threatened with jail time for doing something you are supposed to be able to do in these United States… exercising your freedom of choice?

This video made my blood boil! I just finished writing about our right to choose medical treatments that are best for us — but according to Akron Children’s Hospital, a parents rights are no longer valid when it comes to chemotherapy. If you are a parent, this should concern you. It could happen to you.


Peace and Health!


Juicing and Cancer


A woman in my complex is getting treatment for Leukemia. Her doctors were hesitant to give her anymore chemotherapy because the first round was quite hard on her physically. She has several other health issues that make her treatment harder than a healthier person…or at least someone who only has cancer.

She and her partner came to me about a month ago. *Sue was in a wheelchair, wearing a facemask. She was quite weak. Sue knows my cancer story and wanted advice. The first thing I told her was to juice veggies. She is type 1 diabetic, but I knew drinking a small glass of green juice a day wouldn’t hurt her.

Thirty days have passed and she is getting her second round of chemo. Her doctors are amazed at her quick recovery and believe she is strong enough to continue. I know its the green juice that is helping her body rebuild her immune system. Juice is quickly absorbed by the body and doesn’t need to be digested like regular food or even smoothies. Sue was walking a mile a day within two weeks and I also attribute that to her juicing.

I am a firm believer of the benefits of drinking fresh juice. It helped me recover from my radiation and chemo treatments. If it can help a cancer patient, just think what it will do for a healthy person.  Health guru Jack LaLanne lived to be 96. He juiced before it was even popular.

This is what she puts in her daily drink: They are all organic to make sure she gets the benefits of nutrients that pesticides might take a way.

4 kale leaves

1 cucumber

1 handful broccoli

small apple

Be well!


*Persons name changed