Yoga on the Beach

yoga long beach 008This morning I made it to Ram Bhakt’s Saturday yoga class. We were in Long Beach and practiced right on the sand. What a great day to be outside, especially on the beach. Even though I only live 30 minutes away from Huntington Beach, I don’t go enough.

Long Beach is another place I haven’t explored very much. I shop at the Trader Joe’s on Pacific Coast Highway, but that doesn’t count. I need to get my rear-in-gear and snoop around the small shops.

The first hour was yoga stretching and I sure got a work out. My bones and muscles feel darned good right now. After that we did laughter yoga. You should have seen some of the looks from other beach goers. They didn’t know what was going on. I’m sure to the average bystander, we did look weird, but we had fun! Ram offers laughing yoga the last Saturday of the month. I plan to be a regular participant.

When I got home I drank lots of water, ate a snack and took a nap. The fresh outdoors have a way of tuckering me out.

Ram has a few classes going now on a weekly basis.¬†You can find out more about what’s going on by clicking his business profile on the right side of my blog page. If you live in the Long Beach area, I suggest you take a class with him.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend…