Spontaneous Remission


Someone left me a lovely comment on my About page last week, along with a link to the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). I never heard of this organization before but a few days later, someone else mentioned them on another website, so I figured it was more than a coincidence and that I need to share it with you.  The article both people referenced was about spontaneous remission.

radical remission

Last year I read a book, Radical Remission, not knowing at the time that the author was affiliated with IONS.

If you read my story, you’ll know that my recovery falls under the category of spontaneous remission. I’m guessing that’s why the person who left the comment sent me the link. Read the page and see how you feel about it. I emphasize the word feel because after I was diagnosed, I learned to listen to my body more… a lot more.  Now before I make a decision, I check in with my body to see how it makes me feel, before committing to  something.  Does anything in the article sound like something you are open to?  Are you already doing any of these?

After reading the article please leave me a comment. I am interested in your thoughts.

Be well and eat healthy!