Frankincense Used in Cancer Treatment


My sister-in-law sent me an article from her chiropractor that I thought you might find interesting.  The author writes that frankincense is being studied to treat cancer. The use of essential oils, like frankincense, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.  I don’t know much about them except that I kept a bottle of lavender close to my bed when I went through cancer treatment. It helped calm me and was the only scent that did not make me sick to my stomach.

Several studies were done over the years using the oil and it’s supplement form, Boswellia serrate and has shown promising results, especially for osteoarthritis. The gummy part of the frankincense plant seems to reduce inflammation (the culprit responsible for so many diseases). Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  is one of the hospitals who studied its affects.

Since I never heard of Boswellia serrate, I looked it up online.



From what I could find, the majority of people who take the supplement claim it helps with arthritis pain. I didn’t find testimonies from cancer patients, however a few medical journals claimed the herb was used instead of steroids, for patients who had brain surgery. It helped reduce inflammation without the side effects that steroids can cause.

When it comes to my own healthcare, I choose alternative medicine whenever possible. Healthy food, herbs, and supplements are my medicine. When I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer back in 2010, my body was so trashed, I had to go with conventional treatment. As soon, as I was more stable, I researched other less invasive treatments, like a change of diet and added it to my wellness plan. I am positive that eating healthy, unprocessed foods, drinking a shot of Tahitian Noni juice daily, along with other supplements and meditation helped me get well faster.

Be well and eat healthy,

Inge Scott

Multivitamins are Getting a Bum Rap


Vitamins are back in the news again. It is being reported by mainstream media that we don’t need them. As usual, the media didn’t go into detail of what the study actually said. I hope to clear things up.

To begin with, two major studies were done. One had to do with men’s brains and their memory, and the other had to do with the prevention of heart disease among people who already had a heart attack. Both studies were done by the Annals of Internal Medicine. The report said that vitamins did not do anything to help with those.

But the report I listened to from my local NPR station forgot to mention that. They just made a blanket statement that vitamins are a waste of money. Dr. Cynthia Mulrow from the institute of Medicine was quoted as saying, “People over time and particularly people in the United States have been led to believe that vitamin and mineral supplements will make them healthier, and they’re looking for a magic pill.”

Well duh! Isn’t that what most people want these days? I run across that mentality over and over when I speak with cancer patients. They want the drugs to work fast so they can go on with their lives and abusing their bodies. They don’t stop to think how they ended up that way. Most think its, 1. fate 2. genetics (its proven that disease is only 10-30% genetics and the rest is environmental or lifestyle). It’s the same with supplements. I know some who pop a daily multi vitamin and continue to eat junk food, smoke and drink alcohol. They are fooling themselves. It’s only a matter of time when their lifestyle choices will catch up with them.

My guess is when they do get sick, they will want a ‘magical’ pill to make them well or at least feel better. I can think of at least two people who have type 1 diabetes — they take their insulin BUT continue to eat sugary foods — both have lost limbs from their disease but they don’t seem to want to give up the very foods that caused their problems in the first place. I don’t understand it.

I will agree that most of the vitamins available today are junk. They contain more fillers than actual good stuff. I also agree there are herbs being sold to us that do not contain what is on the label. As with anything of importance, I suggest ‘buyer beware.’

So how does one know which ones to trust?  I have a list on “Make Mine GMO Free” section. I continue to add to the list as I find them. There also is an online company that researches herbs and supplements called They were featured on the Doctor Oz Show recently.

I take B12 and vitamin d3. I went to my oncologist a few months ago and asked her to check my vitamins levels as part of my 3 month blood work checkup. I was low on both vitamins I mentioned. I suggest you do the same. It couldn’t hurt to see where your vitamin levels are. If yours are fine then don’t take supplements.

If you think you’re getting your vitamins from your processed food, your kidding yourself. Most of those so-called fortified vitamins are junk. Let’s take Tums as an example. The commercial ads claim that Tums is fortified with calcium and that’s good for women with Osteoporosis. Sounds good right? Wrong! Tums is an antacid and since it stops acid, it also nullifies the effects of calcium — calcium needs stomach acid to be absorbed by the body.

Children’s chewable vitamins contain sugar or aspartame and food coloring. Those ingredients are not healthy and do not belong in vitamins.

If you eat the standard American diet (SAD) you probably are nutrient- deficient. If we were getting the right amount of nutrients, we wouldn’t be getting sick. Our gut is where all the action is. Keep your gut happy and you will probably be healthier.

If you do eat fruits and vegetables, are they organic? Conventional produce is grown in soil whose nutrients are depleted from all the herbicides. Roundup comes to mind. It contains Glyphosate,  a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used to kill weeds. Recent studies showed Glyphosate to be in human urine. Does that sound good to you? If the soil doesn’t have the right amount of nutrients, how can the produce grown in it?

Then there is the problem with genetically modified foods (GMOs). Independent studies done outside the United States (due to Intellectual Property issues and possible lawsuits) show a myriad of health issues showing up. GMOs are also in many supplements.

Organic contains a  great deal more nutrients and there is no herbicide residue. You also don’t have to worry about GMOs.

I know of many testimonials from cancer patients who added supplements to their treatment regimen. They are now cancer free, but they also changed their diets. Here is one testimonial:

So in a nutshell,  If you’re not sure you are deficient, get your blood tested. Supplements work for me. If you decide to take them, do your research first. But none of them should be taken in place of eating healthy organic foods.

Be Happy and Healthy!