“Bought” Free Online Documentary Reveals Truth Behind Big Pharma

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Just a few weeks ago a measles outbreak that started at Disneyland, caused moms across the nation to fight each other over vaccinating their kids. The media added to the drama, beating the war drum, making it sound like the world was coming to an end!

I am not completely against vaccinations, although I think our kids (and adults) are getting over-vaccinated these days and its all in the name of “profit.”

When I was growing up, I got the polio vaccine in a sugar cube and diphtheria vaccine and a couple more (that I can’t remember). I got sick with the measles and the mumps  and I lived to tell the story. In my opinion, these illnesses are part of growing up. I have an immune system and its job is to protect me from disease. How do I expect it to work properly if I keep getting drugs (containing who-knows-what)  to “do its job”?

If you have kids, please watch this documentary and decide for your self. Vaccinate or not vaccinate. It should be your decision.

Its streaming free online for the next week. Share it, email it to other moms. We have to keep the conversation going…

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Twenty-Percent of Patients Are Misdiagnosed!

photo credit: zap2it.com

photo credit: zap2it.com

I just watched an episode of “A Healthy You,” hosted by Carol Alt, a cancer survivor and model. One of her topics was about being misdiagnosed. According to her research, 20% of patients are misdiagnosed! From what I hear from patients I visit in the infusion center, that number sounds about right. I was misdiagnosed by 2 different doctors for a year before I was correctly diagnosed with cancer. The first one said I had a bacterial infection and the second said it was hemorrhoids.

I accepted their different diagnosis even though my intuition didn’t agree. I almost died because I didn’t question them and seek out another opinion. Let my story be a lesson to you. It’s so important for you to take charge of your own health! You know your body better than anyone else, even someone with a medical degree.


Suzanne Somers writes about her story of being misdiagnosed in her book, “Knockout” only, she was told she had cancer, which turned out to be wrong! If she hadn’t listened to her intuition, she could have died from treatment, she didn’t even need!

Don’t be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself. Yes, you might get some flack from your doctor, if he/she is the kind who thinks he/she knows everything and isn’t willing to listen to you… but think about it, do you want someone caring for you that has an ego that big??? Fire that doctor and look for someone else. Your life depends on it.

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“Living Sick and Dying Young in America”


I volunteer at the hospital that saved my life and I am forever grateful to everyone who worked hard to make that happen. That being said I have mixed feelings when it comes to our healthcare system. Many patients who come to the infusion center already have several serious health conditions even before they were diagnosed with cancer. You should see all the prescription bottles they bring along. I am lucky I don’t need medications… no, I take that back… luck has nothing to do with it. I research alternative methods. I truly believe that for every prescription drug there is an equal (if not better) alternative, whether it’s a supplement, herb or just plain food.

My doctors do listen to me when I talk to them about my diet and lifestyle change, but I don’t know if they really believe me when I tell them my changes are the reason I am cancer free and healthier than before. They are trained in western medicine theory (and these days the pharmaceutical companies are donating big money to hospital universities. It makes sense that they want doctors to view them as the panacea for all disease). There are doctors at the hospital who are progressive and tell their patients to stay away from sugar. I know this because their patients tell me. Why no sugar? Cancer feeds on sugar. I think sugar is one of the main culprits for our obesity problem and assortment of other serious diseases, not to mention, it’s addicting.

My primary care doctor recently suggested that I take Fosomax (for the rest of my life) to manage my osteoporosis. We went round and round about why she thinks it will help me and I told her I was not willing to risk the side effects that range from a deteriorated jaw bone to esophageal cancer. Of course she says those risks are small but I am the one who has to live with the consequences. She finally gave up when I told her I had my own plan. I know she means well, but I also know that the “drug pushers” (pharma reps) sold her on their drug. She doesn’t have time to sit down and look up these drugs for herself. On an average day, doctors see about sixty patients. I’m sure when they get home, the last thing they want to do is more work, so they rely on the information the drug rep gives them. And lets be honest drug reps are salespersons. It’s their job to sell drugs, not go into all the possible complications. If you don’t know about all the problems this drug has caused, Google it for complaints.

I found this post on Twitter by “Health Impact New Daily” and I think it explains what’s going on with our healthcare system quite well. Read it and tell me what you think:

“Living Sick and Dying Young in America”

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