That Isn’t a Nutritional Shake; It’s a Chemical Shit Storm Cocktail


This post is actually a re-blog from Carroll Krause who has cancer.  I agree with everything this woman writes and more. It’s about our medical profession and how uneducated they are about REAL nutrition, although the author’s post is much more polite than me. I will come out and say it;  our doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medical schools have been hijacked by the chemical industry for tooooooo long!

The garbage they pass off as food is nothing more than a CHEMICAL SHIT STORM packaged and marketed as “natural.”  They are making us sick and KNOWLINGLY do so! These same companies, who should be in prison, then make the drugs you see advertised every other minute on TV, to MANAGE the diseases THEY caused! Keeping us sick is big business and they have no intention of changing their business model, so it is up to you to inform yourself, read labels, or better yet, make your meals from scratch. It isn’t that hard. You and your family’s health is well worth the effort.

The hospital I stayed at when I had cancer, sent me a bottle of Ensure with each meal. I called the kitchen and told them I wouldn’t drink that crap, but they kept sending it anyway because my doctor prescribed it. I threw them away, but you better believe they charged me for them. I repeat…doctors have no idea what nutrition is!

Now that I got that off my chest… enjoy Carroll’s post.

Be well and stay informed,