I Was Duped!


Yesterday I wrote a post about assumptions and how we often assume we know people, but we don’t. Today I discovered a young woman whom I followed online and communicated with for almost a year is fake. She went by the name of Emily and her blog name was “See Girl Live”; she had a Twitter and Tumblr account by the same name. For the past month her blog account and then her twitter account were closed. I “assumed” (there’s that word again!) she did so because her posts said her health was getting worse. The last couple of days someone pretending to be her mother (or could have been the fake Emily) posted she was too weak to respond but our comments were being forwarded to her. This morning I found out her Tumblr account was deactivated via a tweet from someone who said Emily was a fake. At first I got mad and defended Emily tweeting that she probably must have died this morning; then I decided to search Tumblr to see if any of her other followers knew her fate; that’s when I found out she is definitely fake and that this is not the first time this anonymous online person has done this. This revelation BLEW MY MIND! I’m still processing the news.

How can anyone pretend to have cancer? Ok, one reason is to get money via donations and another is for attention. Even if those are the reasons he/she faked cancer, I would NEVER tempt fate that way. I wouldn’t even joke about it. Hasn’t this person heard of karma? Or the Law of Attraction?

I communicate with a lot people online. Many reach out to me via this blog and ask for suggestions or just need someone to bounce ideas off of. I am hoping they are real. Let this story be a lesson to all of us that we really have no idea who we are communicating with and definitely DO NOT send anyone money unless you thoroughly vetted them!

Be well! Be Cautious!