Clinical Trials


Cancer is a complicated disease and no two patients with the same cancer are treated alike. Many patients have a pre-existing disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure which can make it harder to treat the cancer. In some cases chemotherapy raises a patient’s blood sugar and if that patient has diabetes it can be a problem. There are also hundreds of different types of cancer cells which mutate. The good news is, there is constant research being done. As soon as a new drug shows promise of working it goes on to become a clinical trial and for some patients, they might have the opportunity to try it.

Not all hospitals have access to these trials so the patient has to go to the hospital (a teaching hospital) for treatment. Since there are many hospitals around the country doing research who offer clinical trials, its hard for a doctor to know which ones their patient might be a good candidate for. And patients and their caregivers have no idea where to start looking. So where can they find help, the quickest most efficient way possible?

An organization called Cure Forward, launched earlier this year who matches up patients with clinical trials. The matching services is free for patients to participate in, however the cost associated with participating in a trial are still dependent on a variety of factors. So patients can use Cure Forward’s platform for free and accept a trial invitation from a researcher for free, but the cost associated with participating in that trial are not covered by Cure Forward’s platform. If the patient is accepted to participate, the hospital pays the fee. If you are interested, you can read more about Cure Forward here.

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*** Full disclosure: A representative from this organization sent me an email and asked if I would share their website with you. I am not being paid to endorse them and I checked them out to make sure they are legit. They are.