The Quest for the Cures, Episode 2: Your First Line of Defense

Watch episode 2, to find out how important your immune system is to maintaining good health, and how its the first line of defense when it comes to fighting foreign invaders; bacteria, viruses and cancer.

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The 5 Why’s of Cancer : Matt Kreinheder D.C.

Matt Kreinheder D.C. (doctor of Chiropractic) spoke at the Integrated Health Conference but I did not get to see him. The speakers were videotaped but they have to be edited, so I don’t know when they will be available to watch online. You have to become a member to watch them though. If you want information about joining click here. I joined last year and the information they send me is quite helpful.

I did find a video that Dr. Kreinheder made a few months ago that you might find interesting. He discusses how and why we get sick in the first place. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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Alternative Integrative Therapies Part 6: Hemp Balm


Last Wednesday I was at the Infusion Center visiting with patients and I smelled a lovely fragrance coming from one of the women sitting in a treatment chair as I walked by. The fragrance was so nice I had to go back and ask what she was wearing. It turns out she was using a balm on her face made from hemp oil. I know about hemp oil but never heard of it used as a balm. I wanted to know more about it.

Do you see CBD on the label of the balm in the picture? CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which reduces the psychological effects of marijuana. In other words you won’t get “high.”  It has been known to help with pain, anxiety, and nausea, which are the main symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation! There is a synthetic form of marijuana called Marinol, which is widely prescribed by doctors, but I haven’t met anyone so far who says it works for them. it didn’t work for me either.

This patient uses it to control pain on parts of her face that had radiation. She has a tumor growing behind her eye socket and had ten treatments of radiation to kill it. Radiologists work hard to make sure that only the tumor gets radiated but, I know from experience that the effects “ripple” away from the target. The flesh surrounding the tumor, as well as internal organs are effected. When I got radiated, the beam was aimed at he left side of my butt, a couple inches down from my left hipbone. The frontal area (my pubic area) and both upper thighs turned grey from the treatment for months. It took almost two years to get healthy tissue from my pelvic exam. In other words a large portion of my lower torso, front and back got fried and the pain was the worst I ever felt.

I don’t know if a cream or balm would have helped me (I opted for opiates and marijuana edibles), but this woman said it works wonders for her. She buys it a local medical marijuana dispensary in Orange County, CA, but I found it online as well. The name of the company who makes it is Dixie Botanicals. The balm is called Salvation Balm. Since their products are made from hemp it can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

I am guessing this balm might help people with skin cancer too but I would ask an integrated/holistic healthcare practitioner to make sure. In fact, I would always ask for help from a medical practitioner before treating myself. There are too many things that could go wrong and when it comes to my health, I won’t take chances.

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