“A bodhisattva doesn’t have to be perfect. Anyone who is aware of what is happening and who tries to wake up other people is a bodhisattva. We are all bodhisattvas, doing our best.”

By Thich Nhat Hanh

I came upon this quote today on a person’s blog that I follow. I am familiar with the term bodhisattva, I read about them in some other Buddhist literature. There are several bodhisattvas who work at the hospital where I volunteer, some are even patients, but they probably aren’t aware they are. If I were asked to explain what a bodhisattva is, I would say it’s anyone who wants to make life better for another sentient being without asking for anything in return. You probably know a few as well.

The Internet introduced me to a whole world of bodhisattvas. I am so grateful that I live in this age of technology (even though I get pissed off with it more than I like to admit). There have been so many bodhisattvas that directly affected and influenced my life, most of whom I never personally met. They shared their stories of healing; their strength and determination; they taught me healthy eating habits; they showed me new ways to see the world; they taught me that I matter. They reminded me that it’s ok to put myself first, to rest when I need it and to say “no.” They made me laugh. When I thought the world was “going to hell in a hand basket” and I thought nobody cared, bodhisattvas sent me invites to actions and events to tackle those problems that made me feel helpless.  They inspire to make me keep going and to work on becoming the best part of myself. They show me the glass is always full. I just need to know where to look.

Mister Rogers said, “Look for the helpers. Always look for the helpers.”

The bodhisattvas are those helpers.

How great is that!?

I bet if you think about it, you know a few bodhisattvas in your life who inspire you to be the best you can be.