Ostomy Fashion For You Fashionistas

ostomy fashion

Do you have an ostomy? My online ostomy buddy posted this information that you might find interesting. There are thousands of us who have ostomies for a variety of reasons and now you can look fabulous 24/7 (and no one will know what hiding under clothes).

Find out more here.

Another Healthy Body Ravaged by GMOs

Short_Bowel-colostemy-scarI have written about my health issues stemming from eating gmo foods a few times already, and that it gave me cancer…especially the dairy products laced with rBST. I will continue to write updates because I believe knowledge is power. I do not want others to go through what I did to get well.

There is now scientific evidence linking rBST to breast and colon cancer. I found this person blogging about his health problems (that’s an understatement)  that he believes started from eating gmo foods.

Don’t know what to look for when reading a label? At least 70% of processed foods contain gmos. Here is a breakdown of where gmo corn is found… The big kernel of starch that corn provides is commonly broken down and reassembled to create products such as: high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, di-glycercides, xanthum gum, ascorbic acid, calcium sterate, sorbital, saccharin, sucrose, citrus cloud emulsion, ethel acetate, fructose, vanilla extract, starch, cellulose, xyitol, ethyl lactate, gluten, …baking powder, alpha tocopherol, white vinegar, ethylene, fibersol-2, fumaric acid, inosital, zein, semolina, polydextrose and margarine.
These corn products are then used in things like: ketchup, cheese, peanut butter, salad dressing, cake, jelly, syrup, juice, meat and fast food.