Give Someone the Gift of Life This Year


I have been giving blood a couple of times a year since my 30s. The first time I went, there was a plea from a local news station stating that there was a shortage of o positive (O+) blood. I am o positive. I am one of thirty-seven percent in the U.S. who can give to anyone, but my body will only accept o positive or o negative (O-). My blood type is in high demand.

The first day I gave blood, I was hooked.

December 2010 my life changed. For the first time ever, I became the recipient. I never really gave it much thought as to what what I was really doing when I gave blood before. I did understand I was helping someone who was sick or injured, but it never clicked that I was literally saving someone’s life — until it was my life that was being saved.

The first night I was in the hospital I received four pints of blood — from four people who took time out from their busy lives (and got nothing in return except, the possibility of feeling good) —  to give something to a stranger they would never meet. Were they aware of what a true ‘gift’ they were giving someone?

I still think about those days sometimes. I received over twelve pints in total throughout my cancer ordeal.

I thought about it again today after watching a news story about a young boy who needs a bone marrow transplant. His parents are hoping to find a donor match by telling his story via the media.

bone marrow

Testing bone marrows aren’t the painful experience they once were (it can be done by swabbing the inside of a cheek) and then the possible donor will be added to a registry. The demand for blood and marrow donors still vastly exceeds the number of donations.  More donors are needed.

Donating a part of yourself is, in my opinion one of the greatest gifts you can give. Your kindness can change someone’s life forever — just like the ones who saved me. If you want to give blood, you can find a local blood bank in your area that you can donate to. If you want to be on the bone marrow registry, go to

So this holiday season, consider giving someone a gift they can’t find in a store — the gift of life.