Louise Hay was part of my wellness team. I listened to her affirmations and read her books while I went through cancer treatment. I believe that in order to become healthy, you must include all aspects of you: body, mind and spirit. Louise taught me how to focus on my mind and spirit. I still follow her advice.

Be well,



30 Minute Mediation: Heal Thyself

Lately I am experiencing a lot of synchronicity in my day to day life, so I decided to pay attention and use the information to share with you. Epigenetics is popping up in several articles I am reading and today a video. The video isn’t about epigenetics specifically but the concept is definitely there. I just meditated with it and feel refreshed. By the way, you don’t have to be sick to the benefits. I am healthy, but am always looking to give myself a “tune up.” Now find a comfortable place to sit and “heal thyself.”

Be well!