Best New Vegan Restaurants Los Angeles


New vegan restaurants are popping up daily around the country. If you live in the L.A. area, click this link to find a vegan restaurant near you. I have not eaten at any of these places yet; I am taking the authors word, for them being the “best”. So I suggest calling them ahead of time and asking if they have gmo free on their menu. You know I will!

If you know of others, please list them in comment section…

Eat Healthy/ Stay Well!


Vegan/Cruelty Free/Eco Online Stores

LuLu’s Vegan Shoes and Clothes


New Vegan Clothing Site


I decided to only buy cruelty free clothes from now on. IĀ came to that decision when I read an article that shoes from China are very likely to be made from dog and cat skins…masquerading as leather. To be honest most of my clothes are from second hand stores but my undies and shoes are always bought new. I found this website this morning and plan to buy myself some Dr. Martins.

The Costco where I shop even sells a vegan sneaker priced at $25. That is a bargain! And cruelty free!


purely posh



This online store has all kinds of goodies


GMO-Free Seeds

JL-HudsonThe owner of this seed company is awesome! He donated 50 packets of seeds to pass out to people who showed up at the March Against Monsanto in Laguna Beach.

All his seeds are GMO- FREE! Please check out his website and order from him. We need to support businesses like his who are ecologically and socially responsible and not solely focused on the ‘bottom-line.’