A Patient’s Perspective: Rectal Cancer Diagnosis

Someone on Twitter sent me a link to a YouTube video about a man who had rectal cancer and his reaction to his diagnosis. I related to most of what he said, meaning I didn’t freak out or fall apart, I focused on killing the cancer and getting well. The radiation treatment was awful (Picture a hot poker being shoved up your ass) but instead of feeling a victim of my circumstances, I got angry and that anger empowered me!

I believe my positive attitude and sometimes anger and determination helped me and I am now over five years cancer free.


Be well and stay strong!

A 2nd Act: Survivorship Takes the Stage

I just found this video and it inspires me to look into starting this in my community. Wouldn’t it be great to give back and share your inspiring story to someone who is going through a life challenge? Maybe it would encourage them or help them in some way.

What do you think?

Be well and inspire others!