New York Times Article: It’s Not Cancer: Doctors Reclassify a Thyroid Tumor

I just found this article which was written a few weeks ago and I’m sharing the information with you now, in case you or someone you know
has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.


A noninvasive follicular thyroid neoplasm with papillary-like nuclear features, or Niftp, a type of tumor that was previously considered a kind of cancer, but has been downgraded by a panel of doctors. Credit Yuri Nikiforov

An international panel of doctors has decided that a type of tumor that was classified as a cancer is not a cancer at all.

As a result, they have officially downgraded the condition, and thousands of patients will be spared removal of their thyroid, treatment with radioactive iodine and regular checkups for the rest of their lives, all to protect against a tumor that was never a threat.

Their conclusion, and the data that led to it, was reported Thursday in the journal JAMA Oncology. The change is expected to affect about 10,000 of the nearly 65,000 thyroid cancer patients a year in the United States. It may also offer grist to those who have been arguing for the reclassification of some other forms of cancer, including certain lesions in the breast and prostate.  Read more here.

This news (which didn’t get much media attention) is huge! It proves that the medical profession doesn’t know everything AND makes mistakes! How many patients had chemotherapy who didn’t need it? How much money did they have to pay as their co-pays for each treatment? How much needless suffering did they have to go through? Do you think their doctors will say “sorry” for putting them through that? I can tell you the answer to that one.


When I was overdosed with my first chemo treatment, my doctors said nothing until they had to admit something went wrong. They blamed the chemo drip machine and they never apologized for nearly killing me.

This news is another reason why we have to do research on our own, and get second and third opinions (even if we have to pay out of pocket). The medical profession is made up of people who are human and they sometimes get things wrong.

Be well and stay informed!


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