The Truth About Cancer Documentary: Update


The TTAC series is finished but you can purchase individual videos or all nine here. I watched them all and planned to post daily recaps, but it didn’t happen. My body told me to take care of myself and rest. I had the energy to watch the videos but I wasn’t inspired to write about anything this week, so instead of forcing myself, I chose to listen to my “inner” guidance and honor its wishes (needs).

Moving to the country took a lot out of me. There were problems that I won’t get into and I think I’m still recovering from the stress and unnecessary drama. Before cancer, I would have pushed through and done what I felt obligated to do, but nowadays I know, my only obligation is to take care of myself.

After watching the video series, I want to learn more about essential oils and herbs. I know about eating healthy foods and the importance of emotional/spiritual health, but not much about essential oils or herbs. The menu in the header of this blog will include cancer survivor stories, links to alternative and integrative cancer therapies, and essential oils and herbs. I feel inspired to write more about these topics (maybe it has to do with me living in the country and wanting to be more self sufficient, and wanting to live more earth friendly).

So… today I am posting the recap links from the episodes of TTAC that I found on the website Cancer Tutor. They did an excellent job and I think you will find their information helpful.

Be well and be inspired!



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