Goodbye Big City, Hello Pine Trees

The past few weeks have been exciting and stressful (OK, mostly stressful). I know better than getting myself all worked up about things I can’t control (other people’s behavior) and putting myself in “what if?” mode. 99% of what I worry about never happens but I find myself doing it anyway. When will I ever learn?

Eleven days ago hubby and I packed up our belongings and moved 400 miles away. We left the craziness of southern California and moved to a rural environment. I convinced myself and hubby we could pack the truck in two hours and be on the road before LA rush hour traffic started, arriving to our new home within hours.

What was I thinking???

After four hours of non-stop packing, we realized our truck was too small for all our “stuff” and had to leave behind several pieces of furniture. We got stuck in the middle of rush hour traffic and showed up at our new home just after midnight. By now we had been up for 18 hours and our nerves were frazzled. I promised myself to never do that again!

Gold Mine 034

There were other problems with our new home (a rental) that finally got resolved (for the most part) that added to my stress. This time the emotion wasn’t worry but aggravation.

As a cancer survivor, I know stress is bad for me. Worry and anger are my worst bad habits and when I do either one for too long, it manifests in my body. Anger shows up on my face as red, dry blotches. It’s my body warning me to “chill out.” I feel better but my skin still looks angry. Hopefully, applying hemp oil will calm it down.

The past few days are much better. I feel more balanced and I think that’s because I meditated… a lot. I forced myself to take a time-out from unpacking and focus on my inner health. There’s still some boxes lying around unopened.

The house we live in has fake wood floors and is much bigger than our condo. To the average person, this is probably a good thing, but for me, someone who has balance issues, along with neuropathy, its scary. When we  first got here I walked around the house like Frankenstein. I was afraid I’d slip and fall. I didn’t want to use my walker inside because it might scratch the floor. My other place had carpet and was small enough that I could hold onto furniture if I needed to. Here, I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

Today, I noticed I walked better, almost normal… and I had socks on! There is carpet in the bedrooms and this morning I practiced yoga in one of them for the first time since we arrived. My body had been wanting a good stretch and it felt good to get back into a familiar routine.

There are wooden steps leading to the front and back yards, but there are handrails so it’s not hard getting up and down them. My walker stays outside because the ground is bumpy. We are surrounded by 80 foot tall pine trees which shed leaves and needles. There are lots of rocks lying around as well which can be a hazard if I trip on one of them, but the air here smells so wonderful I spend as much time outside as I can. I’m just careful getting around.

Now that we’re here, my plan is to do more writing and finish my book that I started over a year ago. Living in a calmer less distracting place will help (I hope). I will have to find a new doctor though.The advantage of living in a large city is its easy access to specialists, like the cancer center where I got treatment. I doubt there is anything like that here, but who knows, I might be surprised. The nearest cancer center is UC Davis and that’s over an hour drive. I plan on monitoring myself, eating healthy and maintaining the healthy lifestyle I did in southern California. There’s a small health food store eight miles away and a Raley’s grocery store which has lot’s of fresh organic produce. I did do my research before we moved and whatever I can’t buy in person, can be ordered online and delivered to my home.

Living in a rural community will be an adjustment but one that will be better for our health.

Be well!



7 thoughts on “Goodbye Big City, Hello Pine Trees

  1. Hi Inge, Sorry for your stress but you seem to be handling things well. I envy you being out of the city. Good luck with the writing. Barbara French

    • I am enjoying the solitude and walking among the trees. The TV stays off until hubby comes home from work. I find myself getting more writing done and I’m looking into learning about herbs and essential oils.

  2. Hi there. Just read this and we are moving to Michigan where there are so many pine trees on our 2and a half acres. It is 4 hrs from where we presently live. I just thought this was kinda funny. Enjoy your day!!!!! Rena. And oh I wanted to tell you that I am going to make pine essential oil from the pine needles. Sounds fun to me.

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