There are too Many Incompetent Doctors Practicing Medicine


My friend died this week and it might have been prevented if the doctors at the hospital she was taken to were competent. My friend Susan (not her real name) had a seizure on Wednesday. She never had one before so her boyfriend took her to the ER. She was admitted and kept overnight for observation and released on Thursday. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

She was taken by ambulance back to the ER  early Friday morning. Doctors told her boyfriend she had a grand mal seizure and she was readmitted. It took hospital staff three days to figure out she had a major stroke caused by plaque built up in her carotid artery. And by that time she was bleeding in her brain. Within a couple of hours she was put on life support.

If these so-called doctors had been competent and figured out what was going on earlier (like taking appropriate tests and not just letting her lay in the hospital bed) they might have been able to clean up the plaque.

I didn’t get the call to come see her until after she was on life support. I was completely shocked. The last thing I heard was she was recovering from the first seizure, which turned out to be a mini stroke or what I call, a warning shot.

I hear too many stories about medical practitioners misdiagnosing their patients and getting attitudes when family members disagree with their diagnosis.

It happened to me three times from three different doctors! By some miracle I was finally diagnosed correctly by an ER doctor who told my family if I had waited one more day…I would have stroked out from lack of blood. Before that I was told I had bleeding hemorrhoids or I was just stressed. It turned out I had rectal cancer!

A couple years ago there were several news stories about this problem health crisis! I don’t know why this keeps happening, other than doctors see too many patients. They are chasing the all mighty dollar to pay back student loans, pay for malpractice insurance, or some other thing. They definitely are not spending enough time with patients or paying attention to their symptoms!

After this happened to Susan, I looked up the Yelp rating of this hospital and the highest rating it got was two stars! Two measly stars! And all the complaints were about hospital staff incompetence and indifference. I want to know why this hospital is still open. I understand not all hospitals are alike. Some specialize in diseases and some are good at fixing broken bones and delivering babies. I want to know why the doctors at this hospital didn’t transfer her to another hospital who might have figured out what was wrong with her.

Several years ago when I visited patients in the chemotherapy center, a new patient told me his horrendous story. He came to the ER complaining of stomach pains. He was admitted to their hospital. After two days they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, even when his skin turned yellow. Luckily this man had two sisters who spoke up and demanded he be sent to the hospital where I volunteered.

Within an hour of him arriving at the new ER, they figured out his appendix had burst and poison had spread to his internal organs. He had emergency surgery. During  surgery doctors found cancer and that’s how I met him. Luckily he survived but only because his family spoke up.

Can you imagine finding out your appendix burst and your doctor (who spent half his adult life in medical school) couldn’t figure that out? Don’t they learn that stuff in the first week?

I am lucky. I had a pretty good team of doctors. But before I met them, I went through a half dozen arrogant idiots.

What I recommend is to always look at your potential doctors’ reviews and most certainly the hospital’s. If I were Queen, I’d take away that hospital’s license but I’m not and the one’s who are supposed to be looking out for us… aren’t. Before you hire (and I mean hire because they work for you) always do your homework. Your medical care and life are too important for some idiot(s) to screw up.

Be well,


6 thoughts on “There are too Many Incompetent Doctors Practicing Medicine

  1. I’m really sorry to read about the loss of your friend and I agree with what you say in your post. make a complaint about the hospital. I know it might not do anything alone, but if everyone does it who has had dire treatment, it might have a little more effect. (although i don’t really have faith in my own suggestion to do this!) love and strength to you.

  2. You have to understand that it’s a two way sword for doctors as well. If it’s not rectal cancer and they make a wrong diagnosis and make you go through all the super expensive and sometimes painful examinations and tests you’d call them corrupt and if they under diagnose you will call them incompetent. No one doctor unless proven otherwise would ever purposely want to kill someone. It is a huge risk for them too, even if I have to believe they are not willing to treat patients carefully. I am no doctor but I can surely see how blatant we have become in accusing them and how blind we are towards their side of the story. I feel sorry to hear about your loss. People are irreplaceble.I probably cannot imagine how upset you must be..but blame the right side.

  3. This was a great post. I have experienced similar problems with my own health and my family’s. my Dad has had symptoms of lung cancer for three years, and been in and out of hospital, sometimes being transported there by ambulance, for those THREE YEARS, and still no diagnosis. The level of incompetence is mind boggling. And what makes it all the worse, is that these people seem to think the sun comes out of their asshole, and love to talk down to patients and concerned/angry family members. Saving a person’s life is more important than anything. More important than any short term discomfort that patient might feel at getting a battery of medical tests done. More important than the hospital’s profit margin. More important than your own fucking ego. If medical personnel don’t even understand this simple concept, they should not be practising medicine.

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