I’m in Bed With a Cold


Every time I get a cold, it starts out as a “thought.” My mind seems to know before physical symptoms begin, which is good because I have time to prepare, that is IF I pay attention.

Before cancer, I continued doing my normal routine when I was sick (running around like a mad woman and not taking care of myself). I took over the counter medications to mask any body aches and stop my nose from running. I’m sure at least some of you can relate. Our society doesn’t believe in slowing down for anything, including taking care of ourselves. We are told to “pop a pill” and go back to work.

I’ve been lucky over the years. I rarely get colds or flu, so I must be doing something right. Right? Who knows. There are so many theories as to why we get the flu or colds. Maybe I was just lucky.

Yesterday, the you’re getting a cold, thought popped into my head. It’s been at least three years since I had one. When I was going through cancer treatment, catching a cold could end up in disaster but since I am cancer-free, I didn’t freak-out. My symptoms are mild compared to what it could be; runny nose, some sneezing, my legs ache and I feel warm.

I decided to see what information was floating around the Internet and I found lot’s. Many from websites which claimed to have all the answers. If you ask me, no one has all the answers about anything. It’s all opinions.

In my opinion, colds and flu are caused by a weakened immune system. It can be from hanging onto emotional crap, eating processed foods, not enough exercise, not enough sleep or a combination of any of them.

I allowed myself to get sucked into another person’s drama a couple of weeks ago and have been  thinking obsessing about it a few minutes a day, and I’ve been eating too much, but not junk food; I mean too much healthy food. Yes, there is such a thing as eating too much healthy food. I don’t mean quality; I mean quantity. If your stomach hurts and you feel stuffed several hours after you ate, then you ate too much.

So, I decided to take time out today and drink fluids. I made some carrot juice with ginger and splash of orange juice. My to-do list will have to wait. (I cleaned my home yesterday in preparation of tonight’s full moon). Today I plan to meditate, sleep, do some restorative yoga and just “be.”

Before I forget, I did find a website that I resonated with, when it comes to the care and feeding of the common cold. Click here to read their opinion and see what you think.

Be well,


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