Ginger: Would You Like Lead or Unleaded?

My diet is better than the average American’s (I rarely eat processed foods and never eat fast food) but eating healthy isn’t enough these days, so I take supplements to make sure my immune system is strong. I buy mine online from . Their cheaper than my local health food store and when I spend $49.00, I get free shipping. Now that I gave them free advertising, I want to share with you something that got my attention the last time I ordered something. I wouldn’t have written about it but it happened again today.

Here’s the back story: I put in my regular order along with something new; a bottle of ginger capsules. My son had digestive problems so I bought it for him. Ginger is supposed to be good for that. Anyway, when I went to pay, the prop 65 warning popped up. It said something in my order was on the list of cancer causing substances. This never happened before so I tried to figure out which item was flagged. I couldn’t find it, so I figured it was one of those blanket warnings meant to cover their ass from lawsuits, like the signs you see in stores and buildings these days. (You don’t know what cancer causing thingy their warning you about and they aren’t going to narrow it down for you. It’s another game of smoke and mirrors). So…. I hit the pay button and forgot about it.

A few minutes ago I put together a new order for Vitacost and this time the bottle of ginger capsules came up with prop 65 warning. What??? Ginger? It’s supposed to be  healthy and now it might cause cancer? What’s going on?


I put on my sleuth hat and Googled it. Sure enough, several stories came up about a lawsuit over “lead contamination” in ginger candy. Trader Joes and Whole Foods, were first on the list mentioned in the suit.

Ginger supplements aren’t candy but the same ginger used to make candy is the same ginger used in supplements. Guess where the ginger is sourced? If you guessed China you win the prize! This information really pissed me off!

It’s no secret China has big problems with pollution, but I didn’t think it included ginger. How naïve am I? Of course pollution extends to the water and soil, not just air. And that includes anything grown in contaminated soil, but I didn’t think problems in China affected what I buy in the United States. I’m good at reading labels when it comes to food and after today’s experience, I’ll have to do the same with supplements and herbs.

I deleted ginger from my shopping cart and searched for a brand without lead. (I can’t believe I had to write that sentence. In my world, we wouldn’t have to worry about such things. We’d take care of our planet and would definitely be honest if we mess up, instead of selling contaminated crap, hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately, dishonesty seems to be the norm when it comes to businesses making a buck).

After some digging, I found Solaray organic ginger supplements. They have an independent company certify their organic products, so I feel somewhat better.


Vitacost carries Solaray, so I ordered a bottle and continued to the checkout. This time, no prop 65 warning! YAY! To the average person, who eats “whatever,” this may seem kooky, but I’m picky what goes into my body. I will do whatever it takes to NOT go through cancer again and if you had cancer, you know what I mean.

Be well,


5 thoughts on “Ginger: Would You Like Lead or Unleaded?

  1. This is crazy, but I’m not surprised. Too bad some people think they are doing something good for themselves and they are really hurting their health.
    I am so spoiled because I get my ginger at the organic farmers market

  2. I have contemplated, but to date, never added ginger to my supplements. This is “healthful” information and I appreciate your sleuthing. I took a blog break over the holidays to prepare and spend quality time with our children and grands. Missed all of my blogging friends and I am glad to be back.

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