What’s in Your Food?


When I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, five years ago, my diet changed drastically. I went from vegetarian to vegan over night, and read labels on packaged foods for the first time. I researched which foods were the best to eat to have optimum health. Before that, I figured food is food. If it was for sale, it was safe to eat. That’s why we have government agencies who inspect what we eat and they would never approve something that ended up making us sick. That was then and this is now. Unfortunately corporations help create the laws that are supposed to keep us safe. Its the fox watching the hen house and you know who benefits from that.

I learned so much these past five years and the number one lesson is; it’s up to me to do my homework, read ingredients and decide for myself what is healthy for me. I learned to ask questions. Lots of them, especially when I eat out (which is not often). I ask if the food is organic. Does it contain GMOs? For example a friend told me about a new vegan pizza place. She said it was terrific. At first, I was excited. I like pizza, but before I went there, I called and asked if the soy they used is organic or GMO free. The owner said, “I’m sorry our soy is not GMO free or organic.”  That’s all I needed to know. No vegan pizza for me.

Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The vegan pizza is a good example. There is plenty of vegan junk food out there. When I was vegetarian (before my cancer diagnosis) I thought I was eating healthy. It never dawned on me that I needed to eat REAL fruits and veggies (and lots of it) to be a healthy vegetarian. Processed foods have all the good stuff processed out and some of them do have vitamins put back in, but wouldn’t you rather eat something right from Mother Nature? No additives. No chemicals. I know I do.

Before you toss that favorite processed food or bag of Doritos in your grocery cart, read the label. If you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients put it back on the shelf. If it contains anything made from soy or corn, including corn syrup, put it back. That includes corn starch. There is an new GMO free corn starch made by Hodgson Mill that I use. Look for GMO free verified on the label. More and more food companies are changing their food suppliers to GMO free, not because they care about your health, they want your money.

gmo free corn starch

And be sure to limit the amount of processed foods you eat. Fresh foods are better for you because they are “living” food. That’s why they eventually spoil. Anything living will deteriorate. It normal. Food was not meant to outlive you.

Be well and read labels, ask questions,






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