Portacath Came Out Today

Hubby and I got up at the butt crack of dawn. Ok, it was 6 am and I know thousands of people start their day earlier than that, but for us, two hardcore night owls, going anywhere before 9 am is a struggle. But today was special. My port came out!

Yesterday I was apprehensive but today I felt good. My brain got one more crazy thought in before we left though… “Wouldn’t it suck, after all you’ve been through, you croaked on the table while the doc took the port out?” Crazy shit. Right? I knew I wouldn’t be completely knocked out during the procedure because I was awake when they put it in, so how could anything go wrong? Knowing that didn’t stop my monkey brain from trying to freak me out though.

I asked the surgeon if I could take the port home as a memento and he said it’s considered hazardous waste so the answer was, “no.”


I made a couple short videos and John took some pictures of me in pre-op, so I have evidence this really happened.

port removed 009

Let’s get this party started!

port removed 007

John couldn’t be there when I came out, so I’m improvising what I looked like post op.

Be well!


3 thoughts on “Portacath Came Out Today

  1. Hey Inge, good on you. My port is booked in to come out on December 21st. How are you feeling after it? I’m hoping i’ll be ok for Christmas. All the best to you, Phil

    • Hi Phil, The port came out easy. I have a few stiches and fake skin over that. A large bandage covers entire spot. I was instructed to not drive for 24 hours because of mild sedation. Then no showering for 2 days, only sponge bath. After that no immerse in water like bath tub or pool but shower is ok. Try to keep area dry. I choose to keep bandage on for several days and only shower lower part of my body, sponge bath the top. I go for check up 10 days after surgery.

      The key is to keep area clean and dry so there is no infection. I didn’t need pain meds of any kind. Day of surgery area felt like a small cut. Then on 3rd day it itches, a good sign its healing. Don’t lift heavy things during healing process.

      Let me know how yours goes and congrats on getting g your port out 🙂


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