The Toxin in Your Water

If fluoridated drinking water was the panacea to get rid of tooth decay, why do we still get cavities?

We buy bottled water and never drink tap water anymore.

*** A beloved reader brought to my attention that some bottle waters do contain fluoride. Follow this link to find out which bottle water companies do not add fluoride:

Be well and stay informed,


How to Track Your Nutrient Intake

This post is written for ostomates, but the information is useful to anyone wanting to live a healthier life, aka: stop eating junk food.

First of all, if you stumbled on to this post, you might not know what an ostomate is, so I’ll give you the short version: Its a person (like me) who poops into a colostomy or ileostomy bag, via the intestine which sticks out the abdomen (called a stoma). We have different reasons as to why we now use a bag instead of pooping the original way: IBD, Crohns Disease, colon cancer, a terrible accident. This is what my stoma looks like:


You’re looking at a “wafer.” It the part of the ostomy “appliance” that the bag snaps on to. You can buy a one-piece but the two-piece works better for me.

My online buddy, Eric who is an ostomate put together this information, which I will pass along to you, via this link.

Now, go forth and eat foods that are nutrient rich!