How to Track Your Nutrient Intake

This post is written for ostomates, but the information is useful to anyone wanting to live a healthier life, aka: stop eating junk food.

First of all, if you stumbled on to this post, you might not know what an ostomate is, so I’ll give you the short version: Its a person (like me) who poops into a colostomy or ileostomy bag, via the intestine which sticks out the abdomen (called a stoma). We have different reasons as to why we now use a bag instead of pooping the original way: IBD, Crohns Disease, colon cancer, a terrible accident. This is what my stoma looks like:


You’re looking at a “wafer.” It the part of the ostomy “appliance” that the bag snaps on to. You can buy a one-piece but the two-piece works better for me.

My online buddy, Eric who is an ostomate put together this information, which I will pass along to you, via this link.

Now, go forth and eat foods that are nutrient rich!


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