Cancer Survivors Don’t Eat Healthy Foods


A friend sent me this article by the LA Times: After Cancer, Survivors Do Not Make Healthy Food Choices.

At first, I’m thinking, What will it take for people to wake up and realize they probably got sick because they made choices that were bad for their health? But after I calm down, I remember my team of doctors never told me to change my eating habits or lifestyle. I don’t think they even asked me those questions: What do you eat? Do you exercise? They did ask if I smoked, drank alcohol or used illegal drugs. In my opinion, food can be just as lethal as any of those. For example; sugar. It’s addicting. I still have problems with it and I hardly ever eat sugar, but when I do have a small piece of dark chocolate or cupcake, within a couple of hours my brain asks for more. If you don’t know that food can be addicting, without thinking about it, you eat another candy bar, not knowing you’re hurting your health. I know because I watched the nurses in the infusion center cram their faces with Halloween candy. You’d think they would know better.

Now a days, I’m really good about what I put in my body. Before I eat anything, I ask myself if it will help or harm me. How many ordinary people who’ve been through cancer treatments or are currently in treatment think about food and how it affects them? I know when I was in the hospital, the menu was basically crap. I was lucky, my family brought me food that I requested from the outside (something my doctors weren’t happy about because they couldn’t monitor if I was eating or not). They told me over and over to eat anything I wanted, but I knew better because I took the time to do my homework. My doctors tried to figure out why I got cancer; they ran every test imaginable, and came up empty, but I’m willing to bet none of them wondered if it was my diet and lifestyle. I know it was because I became my own detective. Everything I read pointed to it.

As soon as I figured it out, I changed my diet overnight and took charge of my healthcare. I took back the power I gave to my doctors and we became a team, with me being the coach. Chemo and radiation sucked and I have no intention of going through that again. Someone told me I wouldn’t be able to stick with my “new life.” Her words angered me and at the same time empowered me. What she didn’t know is that I have will power and that’s what it takes to make any life altering change. I also learned to love myself 100% and that includes self-care.

I’m really sad to read this article because I can’t imagine someone intentionally harming themselves, especially after a cancer scare. I don’t know anyone who wants to do that again. If you ask me, its the fault of our healthcare system. Our doctors know hardly anything about the importance of nutrition and I blame that on medical schools getting donations from the biotech industry. Are you going to say anything bad about someone whose paying your bills? Biotech makes the fake foods you find on your grocery store shelves; processed foods filled with chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. The good news is, everyday consumers are learning about healthy eating through social media (forget about mainstream media, they are owned by the same corporations who will do anything they can to keep us in the dark when it comes to what’s “really” in that canned, packaged or box of processed food). They don’t care if it makes you sick, they care about making money!

I hope people read and think about the article in the  LA Times, their lives may depend on it.

Be well!





12 thoughts on “Cancer Survivors Don’t Eat Healthy Foods

    • Sad but true. Americans think a pill will magically fix their problems, without them having to do anything. You can blame the pharmaceutical companies who advertise their drugs ad nauseam. Why eat healthy when we made a pill for that? (with a zillion toxic side effects) Eat healthy? How can we (drug companies) make money on that???
      The upside is more and more people are doing a better job eating healthy. In Southern California there are many more real juice bars, health food markets, organic foods in mainstream markets and yoga studios than there were ten years ago.

  1. According to an Australian study only 15% of cancer survivors change their diet and lifestyle to up their survival chances. Blame it on lack of education by doctors and the fact that it’s easier to change someone’s religion than their diet! Here I am quoting an anthropologist!

  2. This is my top pet peeve, but I realize that not everyone sees the truth. I even get people that think that I have some sort of “hidden agenda” when it comes to eating plant-based. The last time I looked, there IS a meat and dairy council that has very strong ties to the US government and their food policies. That includes strong ties to schools.
    Case in point: US schools cannot get federal funding for school lunches unless they serve milk.
    Food = Medicine..plain and simple! Posting on our FB page!

    • I don’t know your circumstances but this is how I do it: I am on a fixed income and I eat healthy. I buy what’s in season. I look for sales. I do not buy all my groceries in one store. I buy my supplements online. I drink one gallon size bottled spring water and refill them at 30 cents each. I do not have a cell phone which saves me $50 a month. I shop in thrift stores when I want something. I never buy fast food. I prepare all my food so I know what’s in it. You must decide what you can cut out of your budget that you don’t need and find the money to eat right. The cost of going through cancer treatment is much more expensive, I know because I had to put my share of cost on credit cards. It will take me forever to pay them off.

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