Third Age Yoga For Seniors

Yoga helps make my life better. Before yoga, my lower body was stiff from the radiation treatments and I couldn’t bend over at all. My muscles were so tight, they felt as though they would tear. It took a year of daily practice to get me limber. I still have balance problems, along with neuropathy but I feel better and that’s all that matters to me. My muscles will stiffen up again if I don’t practice daily, so yoga is at the top of my “to-do” list, no matter what else is going on. It’s an important part of my self-care routine, something I didn’t do enough of before I got sick.

There are many yoga videos on You Tube and that’s where I find teachers who I can keep up with. Going to a physical class is too hard for me because of my mobility. I’m sure the instructors wouldn’t be happy if I scratched their beautiful floors with my walker either, so practicing at home is a good option for me.

I’ve already shared a few yoga videos with you, but in my opinion, it’s always good to have many choices, and I don’t know about you, but I like to mix things up. Doing the same poses everyday gets a bit boring, so here’s a new video especially for seniors and those of us who want a more nurturing, relaxed yoga.

Be well and practice daily self-care,

Chronic Anger Will Kill You

nega tive thounghts mae u sick

One of the things I learned after my cancer diagnosis is that emotions, like fear and anger can make me sick.  Feeling joy and gratitude can keep me healthy. I include gratitude because it’s hard to feel pissed off when you’re grateful for something or just feeling happy to be alive.

Before cancer, my emotional state was pretty much a roller coaster. For the most part, I am a happy gal but if someone rubbed me the wrong way… watch out! If the person making me mad was my boss, then I would internally fume for hours and fantasize stabbing that person with a dinner fork (since I worked in restaurants most of my life, a fork seemed like the logical weapon) until I felt better.

It wasn’t until I was in my forties that someone told me, “No one makes you angry, you choose to do that. You are in control of your emotions.” Those words hit me like a splash of cold water. No one ever said that to me. I always thought it was outside influences that made me mad, sad, fearful and happy. I allowed myself to get sucked into whatever drama was unfolding all the time because I just didn’t know any better.

Over the next fifteen or so years, I still found myself getting angry over something another person said, but at least I was aware of it. What I didn’t know was how to stop doing it. I also didn’t know that my emotional state affected my physical health… until I got sick.

My diagnosis turned my whole world upside down and I knew intuitively that if I didn’t make BIG changes, STAT… I would not survive. I turned to the Internet, read blogs, found websites and read books on how to get my body well and back in balance. Many of the posts I read, had to do with emotional health and how negative emotions, chronic stress and anger can and will kill you. Many medical studies have been done proving anger, especially long term anger, contributes to heart disease.

Western medicine is finally figuring out that emotions do affect our immune system. For the longest time, doctors thought it was either bad genes or bad luck. Not so, negative thoughts which become emotions, damage the immune system… which leads to disease, even cancer. My medical team was terrific but not one of my doctors suggested I look into meditation, visualization or some other way to lower my stress. Who knows if they even understood there was a connection. I found that out on my own. It was the writings of Louise Hay And Kris Carr that taught me the importance of keeping my body, mind (and spirit) in balance. Both of these women are not only cancer survivors, their lives changed for the better.



Today, I am cancer free. Everything I learned when I was going through treatment, I still do today and that includes watching my thoughts. I still get mad but I allow myself to feel the emotion for only a few minutes, then I let it go. Stuffing emotions is bad for your health also. If its someone I think offended me, I let them know immediately. If its something I can’t control, I try to find a better way to look at the situation or come up with a positive solution. But no matter what, I always let it go and don’t hold onto my anger for long. Forgiveness helps. I’m not letting the person off the hook, instead I’m choosing to not allow myself to be held hostage by the behavior of someone else. In the end, I cannot control anyone or what life challenges may come my way, but I can control how I respond.

My number one goal each day is to do everything possible to keep myself healthy and balanced: body, mind and spirit.

Be well and Pay Attention to Your Thoughts,


That Isn’t a Nutritional Shake; It’s a Chemical Shit Storm Cocktail


This post is actually a re-blog from Carroll Krause who has cancer.  I agree with everything this woman writes and more. It’s about our medical profession and how uneducated they are about REAL nutrition, although the author’s post is much more polite than me. I will come out and say it;  our doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medical schools have been hijacked by the chemical industry for tooooooo long!

The garbage they pass off as food is nothing more than a CHEMICAL SHIT STORM packaged and marketed as “natural.”  They are making us sick and KNOWLINGLY do so! These same companies, who should be in prison, then make the drugs you see advertised every other minute on TV, to MANAGE the diseases THEY caused! Keeping us sick is big business and they have no intention of changing their business model, so it is up to you to inform yourself, read labels, or better yet, make your meals from scratch. It isn’t that hard. You and your family’s health is well worth the effort.

The hospital I stayed at when I had cancer, sent me a bottle of Ensure with each meal. I called the kitchen and told them I wouldn’t drink that crap, but they kept sending it anyway because my doctor prescribed it. I threw them away, but you better believe they charged me for them. I repeat…doctors have no idea what nutrition is!

Now that I got that off my chest… enjoy Carroll’s post.

Be well and stay informed,