Food Cravings Could Mean Your Body Needs Certain Nutrients


When I was going through cancer treatment, I craved potato soup, bananas and oranges. I ate 2 bowls of soup and 2 bananas every day. I went through 5 pounds of oranges a week. I cut the oranges in quarters and sucked out the juice, leaving the pulp.

Since then I found out that some holistic doctors give their cancer patients high doses of vitamin C intravenously. Studies done by the National Cancer Institute confirm that high doses of vitamin C did help shrink malignant tumors. I also read that bananas are good at controlling diarrhea and I had a lot of that due to radiation and chemo.

My healthy diet consisted of more than just bananas, potatoes and oranges, but I seemed to crave them the most. My body instinctively knew what it needed to heal itself… and if you pay attention, so does yours.

Here is a food craving chart that can help you decide which healthy foods to eat, instead of reaching for junk food (since most of us crave sugar and salt):


Be well!


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