You’re Fired!


When do you know it’s time to fire your health care practitioner?

When he or she refuses to listen to your concerns.
When he or she talks down to you.
When you feel you are not being heard.
When he or she clearly has a God complex.

A caregiver confided in me that her elderly father has been in a local hospital over a week. After numerous tests to see if anything physical was wrong with him, the hospital staff suggested he get a psyche exam. His heart doctor, who admitted him, told the family and medical staff that he refuses to sign off on that.

Since the hospital has run out of options, they want to discharge the patient and send him home. His caregiver told me her dad has a history of mental health issues and his current physical symptoms could be associated with that.

The caregiver was clearly upset and frustrated. I don’t blame her. If it were my dad in the hospital, I would fire his heart doctor and get him evaluated.

A couple years ago I went with my hubby to his medical appointment at the Veteran’s Hospital (VA). It was his first appointment and his blood sugar was being checked. A nurse practitioner was the one examining him and within 10 minutes she was writing 3 prescriptions; for blood pressure, diabetes and some other thing. She told him he would need to take these drugs for life.

For life??? How did she come to that conclusion after seeing him for the first time and only for 10 minutes?

Hubby isn’t good when it comes to expressing himself but thank goodness I have no problem opening my mouth. I wanted to know his numbers. I wanted to know how she came to the conclusion, he needed to take these meds (which have bad side effects) for his entire life. Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t happy with me challenging her. But that’s just too bad!

It turns out his sugar level wasn’t that high and his blood pressure was in the normal range. I know this because I presented this information to my doctor whom I saw a week after hubby’s appointment, who told me so. When hubby went back a month later he conveyed what my doctor said to a different nurse practitioner. His answer, “The VA has different standards as to what is considered normal.”

What??? The VA has different standards than civilian doctors? What kind of bullshit is that? Hubby took the diabetes and blood pressure meds for 2 weeks and then threw them away. He had nightmares from the get go and just didn’t feel well. He had me help him change his diet. No more candy, soda and junk food.

He went to a new VA medical facility and saw a real doctor. His blood work was checked, along with his blood pressure. His numbers were good. His new doctor agreed to let hubby continue with his life style changes and even encouraged it. He didn’t see the need for hubby to take any meds as long as his numbers remained good.

So much for needing to take medication for life.

How many other patients go along with their medical practitioners and take medications that create even more health problems? The patient I first wrote about takes 15 different drugs every day! How can that even be possible? If you ask me, something’s not right. Somebody is making money, some way some how. If you want to know if your doctor is getting money from the drug companies, you can find out here.

I am fortunate. My doctors don’t give me a hard time when I say no to a drug. My primary care doctor probably gets annoyed with me because I usually say no to her. At my last visit she wanted me to take Fosomax because of my brittle pelvic bone (probably caused by the radiation treatments). I already know about the endless law suits against the makers of that drug and have no intention of losing my teeth or my jaw bone (all collateral damages that can happen from taking this drug).

When I started my journey back to wellness, I was too sick to research optional treatments and time wasn’t on my side to wait around. If I had waited one more day to get help, I could have stroked out from blood loss. I know I dodged a bullet but as soon as I was more stable, you better believe, I was in charge of my health treatment decisions. If any of my doctors had treated me the way that heart doctor did, they would have been shown the door. They work for me, not the other way around.

I take full responsibility for my health and my doctors are there to support me and offer advice.

So, if your doctor is giving you a hard time, it’s time tell him or her “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Be well and don’t take any shit,


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