International Day of Yoga


Sunday was International Day of Yoga. I went to the event in Irvine, held outdoors at Mike Ward Community Park. The weather was lovely. For the most part, I relaxed and did some people watching. I did take part in 2 classes though. The one geared towards kids was the easiest for me, as far as keeping up with the teacher.

Yoga has been part of my life for 4 years now. I think it has helped with my recovery from cancer treatments and now is a normal part of my daily routine. I start my day with a twenty-minute meditation and then ten minutes of yoga. At the end of my day, I do another ten minutes.

I still have balance issues, left over from chemo and radiation. I can barely feel my legs from my knees down but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I can do. When I’m home, I use a chair to do poses. The ones on the floor are a bit easier because they don’t require good balance.

I recently found this quote that resonated with me. I remind myself of it whenever I feel frustrated.

i am not my disability

“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.”

Be well and move your body!


6 thoughts on “International Day of Yoga

  1. I tried Yoga classes last year. Because of aching knees, frozen feet, and poor balance, I felt out-of-place with all the experienced and seasoned yogis. My granddaughter is visiting in September and she is a yogi; so, I plan to bring out the mat, the blocks, the bolsters, the belt and the yoga music and with her guidance gain confidence. In a less intimidating environment, hopefully, I can get going again at home.

    • Don’t give up! Find a class that you feel comfy in! Make sure the instructor knows you are a beginner and make sure you’re in a class that’s an appropriate level. It is so worth the benefits. Good luck!

  2. Well done Inge. The after affects are lasting a long time, eh. It’s good u entreat us to keep moving n keep up a regular practice of yoga n meditation. Sometimes my life gets so busy (and fulfilling!) that I can go days without this internal checking in with self. Keep it up and I’m sending u good cheer. Phil 😀

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