I’m Lovin’ the Oranges Right Now

untitledFor the past couple days, I am craving oranges. Before cancer, I would have ignored it but now — after cancer, I am eating them until I get my fill. When I was in treatment I craved oranges and bananas. My body needed the vitamin C and potassium. I know because my doctor checked after I told her about my cravings.

A recent article in the National Cancer Institute website says high dose intravenous vitamin C has been used in cancer treatments since the 70s. Who knew?  I don’t think my doctors did because they never mentioned it. In fact I was the one who found out about the importance of healthy foods, supplements and herbs.

Who knows why my body wants the oranges now. I frankly don’t care. If it wants oranges, it gets oranges. No questions asked.

Be well and listen to your body. It knows what you need.


2 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ the Oranges Right Now

  1. I buy them by the bags, especially love tangerines and clementines. Thank you for sharing this information. The information I get from my blogging friends, like yourself, on healthy living is making a difference in my life. I, too, received no information from my oncologist on the importance of a healthy lifestyle after my cancer diagnosis.

    • I just found out from a volunteer at the hospital where I went for treatment and still go to for checkups, that they have a wellness center; a holistic wellness center that works with conventional treatments. I was blown away because no one on my medical team told me about it. I plan to write about this more later, after I do more research and maybe get an interview. I agree, if it weren’t for my blogger friends. I wouldn’t know what was going on in the world of medicine, health and you name it. We need each other!

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