Author Ann Cameron Cured Stage 4 Cancer With Carrot Juice


One of the bloggers I follow is Chris Wark. He was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer when he was twenty-six and has been cancer free over ten years now. He had colorectal surgery but refused chemotherapy, choosing to change his diet instead. One of his recent posts is about Ann Cameron, a stage four cancer survivor and how she got well drinking carrot juice. You can read her amazing story on Chris’s website.

A couple of cancer patients who I mentor, are hesitant about doing anything else except traditional treatment and that is certainly ok. I believe that whatever choice we make as to how we want to get well, is the right choice. But I think we can all agree that eating healthy is a good idea for all of us, whether we are sick or well.

When I had cancer, I chose conventional treatments, but the organic foods in the form of juicing, green smoothies and plant based meals, played a huge part in my recovery. All my doctors told me I could eat anything I wanted, but my intuition disagreed. I became my own nutritionist and still eat that way. Several carrots were added to my daily juice, as well as cucumbers and broccoli. All were organic.

So how about making fresh organic carrot juice and drinking at least 16 to 32 ounces a day, just to see what happens? Its food and won’t interfere with treatments. I also found a medical news website that writes about the health benefits of carrots to satisfy any skeptics out there, who think Ann’s story is too good to be true.


Ann wrote a book about her experience and you can buy a kindle edition copy on Amazon.

Be well and eat healthy!

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