Yoga to Support Healthy Adrenals


The last couple days I have been feeling energy in my upper chest and the only way I can describe it is: the vibration a car makes when you step on the gas pedal while it in park. It’s a revving sensation and this morning I figured out its my adrenals. Last month I had my meridians tested while I was at the Integrated Health Conference and my adrenals came up high. I don’t have adrenal fatigue but they could use a tune-up. I didn’t do anything about it, until today. I have been slacking when it comes to paying attention to my body but today that changes. I have to practice what I preach. Right? Right!

I have always been easily “wound up” and can get restless or jittery. I learned that’s associated with my adrenal glands. It’s ok to feel excited but that’s not what I experienced; it was more anxiousness due to being around annoying people. I know. I know. I am responsible for my own emotions and all that jazz but I am still working on that part of me. Hopefully practicing more restorative yoga will help.

So I meditated on it and asked my body what is the best way to get my adrenals back in balance and I came up with yoga. Restorative yoga.

I usually do about 15 minutes of yoga in the morning but today I practiced for forty minutes. I listened to my body and continued until I felt relaxed.

The video below is what I listened to and am still listening to as I write this. There are plenty of free videos on YouTube and I suggest finding something that you resonate with. Today I chose Native American drumming.

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