The Quest for Cures Series

I made a mistake when I told you that the 11 part series is free to everyone. I didn’t find out my mistake until I watched part 3 and noticed a lock by the title. It was actually unlocked so I clicked the icon and it read, “This video is unlisted. Only those with a link can see it.” I have a membership to Integrated Health International so I guess that’s why I have access — how ever I think my time is limited as well, unless I purchase the series. I don’t know if that means the two videos I put up the last two days will be gone soon. I guess I’ll find that out soon enough.

There is a lot of information provided and the price of each video is reasonable. You get the actual DVDs, not just streamed to your computer, so you can show it to groups if you like. If you want to know more about the series, click here.

I am including the trailer to the series to give you an idea of what to expect.

You can also subscribe to The Truth About Cancer channel. There are tons of interesting videos made by the same people who brought you The Quest for Cures.

Be well!

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