Integrated Health Conference: Thermal Imaging: UPDATE March 27th!

Thanks to Kid Against Chemo on YouTube, I found a video that explains how thermal imaging works.

Find out more information in this recent post in GreenMedInfo.


Last year my primary health doctor reminded me that it was time for my mammogram. I’m sure she thinks I am a pain in her ass because I usually “shoot down” her ideas and suggestions — like the day she told me I needed to take Fosomax the rest of my life and I told her “no.”

Then we argued about getting a mammogram for several minutes, until I finally agreed. She added, “You will need one every year.” I didn’t say anything, knowing that she would be lucky to get me to do it every five years.

In 2011 I had “more radiation than any other patient,” according to my radiologist. He added that he was surprised I even finished the treatments. Now that’s reassuring!

Since then, I decided to limit my exposure to toxic treatments and tests and find alternative, less invasive ways to monitor my health. Someone told me about thermal imaging a couple days before my mammogram appointment, but I didn’t have time to research it. I went through the drill, had my boobs mashed until I thought they would pop, had the imaging and waited for the results, which only took a few minutes.

In comes a 100 year old doctor with a file and says everything looked good but my breasts are dense, so it would be better to get a breast MRI in the future, in order to get a better picture. That’s when I asked about thermal imaging. His face contorted and he snarled, “That’s a bunch of garbage! There is no scientific evidence showing it works! You don’t need that!”

I felt my blood pressure going up, but I kept my cool. He’s lucky I didn’t tell him what I was thinking. It would have included a few f-bombs.

I stood up and said, “Thank you,” and left, knowing that I would never go back there.

At the Integrated Health Conference, a chiropractor had a thermal imaging camera in his booth. He was offering one free image and I stood in line to get one. He was only taking pictures of our faces that day, but offered breast imaging at his office, if we wanted to make an appointment.


What I liked about this man and the other vendors at the show was, they offered information about their products and services and there was no hard sell. I don’t like anyone pressuring me into buying anything so their attitude was a nice change.


This is my thermal image. The first thing the doctor asked was, “Do you have sinus problems?”

I said, “Yes.”

The red area shows inflammation and mine was in the sinus cavities and speaking of cavities, he said I might have a couple (also showing red in my lower jaw).

I did not make an appointment to get my breasts imaged since I just had that mammogram less than a year ago, but I took his brochure in case I want to later. There is debate about the efficacy of breast thermal imaging compared to mammograms, but there’s a debate about everything these days! Vaccinate. Don’t vaccinate. Sugar is good. Sugar is bad. It just depends on who is paying for the study.

I don’t know what I’ll decide when the time comes, but the doctor was right about my sinuses. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Be well!

1 thought on “Integrated Health Conference: Thermal Imaging: UPDATE March 27th!

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. ” I enjoy blogging” because almost every day it is a new learning experience. Thank you for the information on Thermal Imaging. I added it to my Reading List for future reference.

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