A Day at the Integrated Health Conference

The Integrated Health Conference was last weekend and boy did I learn a lot! There was too much information to put in one post so I will write three separate ones, otherwise you’ll get information overload.

I went on Saturday to see Chris Wark from Chris Beat Cancer. He and I had the same cancer, only mine was more advanced. I was hoping to speak with him and take his picture, but he was a “rock star” with the ladies. They were lined up to talk to him and I can see why; he is one tall, handsome, down-to-earth guy.

I was able to get my picture taken with Nathan Crane, the founder of Integrated Health International though.


And I took a photo with Frank Castro who used to play baseball for the Houston Astros back in the 70s. We had the same cancer; stage four colorectal. You can read his story here. He is also writing a book that should be coming out sometime at the end of this year.


The place was crowded with attendees which made it hard to get pictures of the booths, but I did get a few:







This booth was pretty crazy:


I don’t know what this contraption is for but I know there is no way I would lay lie down inside with the door closed. I don’t care what health benefits it offers.


These are collapsible saunas.


These guys look relaxed.

And that’s it for now…

You can become a member and get access to the speakers from the conference online. I joined last year and the information they send is constantly updated so its well worth the price.

Be well!

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