Integrated Health Conference: San Diego 2015


Health care is changing and its changing because we are taking charge of our health, including what kind of health care we want. In other words, more and more of us no longer see a doctor and accept whatever treatment he or she prescribes. In response, more and more healthcare providers are expanding their treatment options.

The last time I saw my oncologist (a month ago) I was asked to fill out a survey before my appointment. I was THRILLED to see these questions:

Are you open to getting acupuncture treatments?
Would you like to have counseling about any emotional components to your disease?
Would you like to speak with a nutritionist?
Are you interested in taking a yoga class?

There were several more which I won’t list here because the point I’m making is; western medicine is finally understanding that we are a whole person and that when we are sick, our body, mind and spirit are sick too. Alternative and holistic medicine has understood that for a long time now. I think the Internet helped speed that process up. There are too many anecdotal success stories from patients who got well from holistic, alternative and integrated therapies, so western medicine can no longer ignore the facts.

When I was sick, I looked for cancer survivors on the Internet. I read their stories and copied them. Connecting and learning from other cancer survivors is the reason I am here today, typing this, sharing my story with my blog, hoping to help someone else who is newly diagnosed or going through treatment.

On March 20th, The Integrated Health Conference will be held in San Diego, California. Many of the world’s top medical doctors, naturopaths, scientists, holistic practitioners, health advocates, cancer survivors and “thrivers” on the planet, will be speaking at this event. Knowing how someone else was able to overcome cancer or other degenerative diseases can be very empowering… but hearing how two, three, or even five people did it… now that’s true power! You will not only hear their stories, you will get to meet them and connect with them first hand. I am hoping to interview a few of them.

The conference starts Friday March 20th and ends on Sunday the 22nd 2015; if you grab your tickets early you can save quite a bit of money. Here’s all the details.

Besides the speakers, the conference will have lots more going on like:

Uplifting and fun entertainment!

Getting healthy doesn’t have to always be serious… living a healthy life also means having fun, dancing to a good song, or hearing a hilarious joke. Having good health is the most important thing in life, but what’s life with good health if you’re not happy? Our emotional health plays a huge part in our immune system. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Nearly 100 vendors have signed up to share their latest devices, resources, samples and healing modalities throughout the weekend; you will get to test what’s new and also what’s been working for many and decide for yourself if that particular device can help you or your patients on the healing journey.

If you can’t go to the conference, they will be live streaming the speakers. Click here to get information about that.

I hope you either come in person or watch the event in the comfort of your home. I know you will learn a lot!

Hope to see you there!


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