“Bought” Free Online Documentary Reveals Truth Behind Big Pharma

bought movie

Just a few weeks ago a measles outbreak that started at Disneyland, caused moms across the nation to fight each other over vaccinating their kids. The media added to the drama, beating the war drum, making it sound like the world was coming to an end!

I am not completely against vaccinations, although I think our kids (and adults) are getting over-vaccinated these days and its all in the name of “profit.”

When I was growing up, I got the polio vaccine in a sugar cube and diphtheria vaccine and a couple more (that I can’t remember). I got sick with the measles and the mumps  and I lived to tell the story. In my opinion, these illnesses are part of growing up. I have an immune system and its job is to protect me from disease. How do I expect it to work properly if I keep getting drugs (containing who-knows-what)  to “do its job”?

If you have kids, please watch this documentary and decide for your self. Vaccinate or not vaccinate. It should be your decision.

Its streaming free online for the next week. Share it, email it to other moms. We have to keep the conversation going…

Click here to start the movie.


Be well!




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