Minding Your Mitochondria (Multiple Sclerosis)

Dr. Terry Wahls gives her personal story how she healed herself from MS with food, exercise and meditation…instead of toxic drugs.

*Notice the disclaimer from Ted Talks (If it doesn’t fit in the norm it must or might be false)

I just read the book, Misdiagnosed the personal story of a woman misdiagnosed with MS and how she got well. Maybe Dr. Wahl was misdiagnosed…who knows. She is healthy and that’s all that matters.

Be well and stay informed,



One thought on “Minding Your Mitochondria (Multiple Sclerosis)

  1. OK, I’m getting the book. I’ve been misdiagnosed at least twice. The first time my fatigue and joint pain was followed for 5 years as “depression” only to learn I had rheumatoid arthritis. Most recently, a false diagnosis of metastatic bone and brain cancer almost derailed my life!!!

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