Minding Your Mitochondria (Multiple Sclerosis)

Dr. Terry Wahls gives her personal story how she healed herself from MS with food, exercise and meditation…instead of toxic drugs.

*Notice the disclaimer from Ted Talks (If it doesn’t fit in the norm it must or might be false)

I just read the book, Misdiagnosed the personal story of a woman misdiagnosed with MS and how she got well. Maybe Dr. Wahl was misdiagnosed…who knows. She is healthy and that’s all that matters.

Be well and stay informed,


1 thought on “Minding Your Mitochondria (Multiple Sclerosis)

  1. OK, I’m getting the book. I’ve been misdiagnosed at least twice. The first time my fatigue and joint pain was followed for 5 years as “depression” only to learn I had rheumatoid arthritis. Most recently, a false diagnosis of metastatic bone and brain cancer almost derailed my life!!!

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