Your Choices Determine Your Health


One of the things I’m working on this year is to be more observant. Yesterday I was at Infusion and what I observed was: staff eating fast food (junk food) from Wendy’s, drinking Cokes and snacking on endless amounts of Red Vines and chocolates. Actually this ain’t new but it really got me to thinking. I mean we are in a cancer ward. Are these women really that disconnected as to how these patients got sick in the first place? Do they think getting cancer is just “bad luck, bad genes, or some mystery disease?”

I admit, I wasn’t eating great before I got cancer. I thought I was. I was vegetarian! But the main thing missing from my diet was the vegetables! One of my strengths (which also gets me into trouble) is speaking my mind; calling people on their own bullshit, but I am working on being observant this year and that means keeping my opinions to myself — but that doesn’t mean I won’t write about it.

The funny thing is a couple of these women whom I work with complain they can’t seem to lose weight. They don’t like the way they look, so they go on some ridiculous diet; like adding chia seeds to their bottled water, convincing themselves this will achieve their goal. Are they serious? Diets do not work! There are no magic pills! The only thing that works is a lifestyle change; a change in attitude and self-discipline.

Last year I did tell them that, but one got mad and the other shrugged it off, “You and your GMOs.”

Am I sometimes tempted to eat a french fry, drink a Coco Cola, eat candy? Hell yes! But I stop myself because I know it will make me sick; maybe not right that second but eventually eating that crap will catch up with me and the next thing I know I’ll be back in that chemo treatment chair. I also know my health is my responsibility. What I put in my mouth is my responsibility. My choices determine my health.

I just don’t get it that these women can’t see it. Statistically, 1 in 3 women will get cancer sometime in their lifetime. That’s 30% of the women in Infusion; only a small percent will be from genetics, the rest is environmental and life choices. I hope they wake up before its too late.

Be Well!

3 thoughts on “Your Choices Determine Your Health

  1. I think you had it right when you said that these women have no clue that cancer is largely a lifestyle disease. I know in my oncologist’s office they serve up plates of cookies and coffee from a Keurig. That always killed me. Running boiling water through plastic in a cancer ward:)

  2. Since my breast cancer diagnosis, I have been more mindful of incorporating healthy eating and other lifestyle changes into my life. I am still a work[-in-progress, but blogging friends like yourself re-direct, educate and takes me further down the path toward healthy living. Thank you for all that you share.

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